The Great RINO Hunt Of 2021

Posted originally on MAY 3, 2021 AT 11:58 AM

It’s RINO Season

Never Trumper Mitt Romney was heckled and booed as he gave a speech at the Utah Republican Convention. Mittens was not pleased and shouted at the Republican delegates, “Aren’t you embarrassed?”   No Mitt, Utah is embarrassed of you being a tone deaf senator who ignores what Utah voters think.  Romney’s vote to impeach President Trump keeps coming back to haunt him as the delegates shouted “you suck” and “traitor” from the audience.  Romney is only one of many RINOs that invest the GOP.  These old establishment republicans do not realize it’s open season on RINOS. They can not accept that the Republican party is now Trump’s party. In 2022 RINOs will have a big target on their backs as America First candidates are springing up all over the country to take their seats.

Reliable RINO, Susan Collins, piped up about Mitt being booed in Utah. Collins clutched her pearls and complained, “I was appalled.”  How dare the little people criticize their betters is what she was really thinking.

Daddy’s girl, Liz Cheney of Wyoming, is proud of her record of agreeing with the Fake News and the Democrats. She plans on campaigning on her vote to impeach President Trump, good luck with that Liz. Don’t you know that Wyoming is Trump country?  The spineless, weak Republicans still have not removed Cheney from her leadership roles in D.C.  Is the GOP so out of touch with their voters that they can not see what’s coming?

Of course, that answer is yes.

Also on the endangered species list is the classic RINO Jeb Bush. From “please clap” to open borders and endless wars, the Bush family is the gold standard of weak “Republicans In Name Only.  America has awakened and today more red state voters can see through the lies of people like Romney, Bush and Cheney. They know they have been duped for the last 30 years and will never vote for a Bush type republican again.

In fact, in the recent Texas special election, the Trump endorsed candidate Susan Wright beat the Never Trump candidate Mike Wood. Wood only received 3% of the vote and came in ninth place after he was endorsed by Never Trumper Adam Kinzinger.

Trump has set his sights on doing some RINO hunting this year. Let us hope he bags a few trophies.


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