President Trump Endorsed South Carolina GOP Chairman Drew McKissick Easily Wins Reelection Over Lin Wood

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on May 15, 2021 | Sundance | 115 Comments

President Trump endorsed Drew McKissick three times for South Carolina GOP Chairman.  With that level of support and a track record of success McKissick easily won the GOP election by a vote of 582 to 239.   McKissick steered the Republicans to victories in the 2020 election gaining back a congressional seat (Nancy Mace) that the party had lost two years earlier, keeping the U.S. Senate seat (Graham) and flipping five Democratic-held state legislative seats to expand the GOP majority.

COLUMBIA — With the backing of former President Donald Trump, South Carolina Republican Party chairman Drew McKissick easily secured reelection for a third two-year term May 15, fending off an eccentric challenge from attorney Lin Wood in a race that grew increasingly combative over the course of a seven-week campaign. (read more)

President Trump – “Congratulations to Drew McKissick on a great win today in his re-elect as Chairman of the Republican Party of South Carolina. It was a great win against a strong and talented opponent. The Republican Party of South Carolina is in good hands and we will continue to go on to victory as we have had in the past two Presidential Elections!” (LINK)

~ The Heartbeat of MAGA ~

The MAGA coalition is the most diverse, widest and deepest part of the entire American electorate. President Trump’s army consists of every creed, color, race, gender, ethnicity and orientation. It is a truly color-blind coalition of middle America patriots and middle-class voters that cuts through the political special interest groups.

No Republican will ever hold office in the next decade without the blessing of President Trump…. [This Remains True]

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