Sunday Talks, Swamp Gatekeeper Chris Wallace Interviews Decepticon Deep State Implant Liz Cheney

Posted originally on the Conservative tree house on May 16, 2021 | Sundance | 129 Comments

Liz Cheney’s intense focus on President Trump doesn’t make much sense, until you put together her priority within the 2020 election.  There is a strong argument to be made that Liz Cheney is an operative working on behalf of the Deep State interests.  The Deep State is the larger network of Intelligence Community (IC) officials who control all the institutions within the federal government.  {Go Deep}

If you accept the IC controls almost all functions of government; and can comprehend the checks-and-balances are no longer in place because the intelligence apparatus has effectively dismantled them; and then overlay the likelihood that Cheney is operating on behalf of those IC officials; then her laser focus against President Trump makes sense.

The 2020 election could not be manipulated, to the extent now demonstrably evident, without some elements of the intelligence community coordinating the effort.  That said, President Trump continuing to draw attention to the issue then becomes a very significant threat to discovery of the coordinated operation.  This would explain why Cheney is so intent on attacking President Trump and his discussion of “The Big Lie.”  In essence, Cheney is helping the IC to cover-up their activity.

Cheney could not be useful to the House conference because her priority was/is covering up fraud within the 2020 election.  That is why she focused exclusively on attempts to isolate, marginalize and ridicule President Trump.  Cheney’s connection to the Deep State community is her loyalty.

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