Posted originally on MAY 25, 2021 AT 10:33 AM

in my la test b ook, “Make America Well Again,” I ma ke a reference to Milton Friedman who said, “Nothing is so permanent as a temporary government program.” In the case of COVID-19, it began to look as if slave mask wearing would become permanent. Then mandatory vaccines and vaccine passports would also become permanent. Surely, that’s what the cabal running things behind the scenes wanted.

Fortunately more and more people are waking up to their Scamdemic. With a survivability rate well over 99 percent, it wasn’t really a pandemic at all. The mortality data were skewed to drive up the number of deaths. The PCR testing for the virus was serious flawed and inaccurate. People who died of flu and other ailments were declared dead of COVID-19 if they also harbored the virus.

Many states have dropped their mask mandates and less and less people are wearing them as summer approaches. Sunlight makes it nearly impossible to catch the virus outside. Fewer people are wearing the masks and that’s a good sign. Of course, businesses and restaurants are now saying masks for vaccinated people aren’t necessary but the unvaccinated still need to social distance and wear masks, but how can they enforce such a farce? Without the ‘your papers please’ intrusion there is no way to know. Besides, many states are passing laws prohibiting vaccine passports. Another good sign.

Many Americans remain ‘hesitant’ about getting COVID-19 vaccines, which are really jabs containing experimental gene therapy. The hesitant ones are the smart ones. States are tempting people to get the shots by means of bribery. Some are easily swayed to get inoculated by means of a glazed donut or free hamburger. In Ohio, they set up a lottery. The jabbed get a chance at winning one million dollars. Why the big press to get noxious substances injected into citizens that have proven severe side effects and even death?

Coronavirus weariness has set in. Americans have had it with the lies and power grabbing by hypocritical politicians who have been caught many times violating their own mask and social distancing mandates (Governors Whitmer and Newsom, for examples). Don’t take the dangerous inoculations. You are not a lab rat. Don’t wear the masks. Resistance the globalist control freaks. What will they do then? Gates will probably see to it that a more dangerous version of the virus gets trotted out. He’s already predicated it. Then they will cry for more lockdowns, mask wearing, and even more vaccines will be rolled out over and over again. Say no to Gates and Fauci. Instead of following their mandates, lock them up.

Resist medical tyranny!

—Ben Garrison

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