West Wing World

Posted Originally on GrrrGraphics.com MAY 29, 2021 AT 10:02 AM

I get quite a few cartoon suggestions. Some are good and still go undrawn because I can’t quite figure out how to handle them. Others are not so good ideas, but they get me thinking about how to make them work and they can sometimes spark better ideas.

In the case of this cartoon, “West Wing World,” I knew immediately it had potential. The idea was suggested to me by someone whose email I somehow lost—otherwise I’d offer to give him credit. Regardless, it sums up the situation with the Biden regime and ties in well to popular culture.

Biden is a robot for the oligarchy running his algorithms from behind the scene. Joe spent 50 years in politics. He’s as buyable as they come and he got rich from graft. However, he’s getting much older and more forgetful by the month. Sometimes he can’t name important government agencies and entities. At other times he gets inappropriately angry and shouts for no reason. His programming could easily go even more haywire.

Meanwhile, the other robot, Kamala, is waiting in the wings. Or should I say West Wing.

—Ben Garrison

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