San Diego Police Department Adopts New Rules For Interactions with Transgender, Nonbinary and Citizens Who Identify as Appliances

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on June 1, 2021 | Sundance | 221 Comments

My apologies.  However, I cannot offer a reasonable comment on this and keep a straight face in the typeset.

– Citing a commitment to better meeting the diverse needs of the communities it serves, the San Diego Police Department Tuesday released a new set of policies guiding officer interactions with transgender and gender-nonbinary people.

[…] The rules are designed to create a mutual understanding among community members and police on the procedures that will be followed, to prevent conflict and to ensure appropriate interactions with transgender and gender-nonbinary citizens, according to city officials.

[…] Key components of San Diego Police Department Procedure 6.34 require that SDPD personnel:

  • use visual and verbal cues to become aware of a person’s gender identification, accept it and refer to them by their preferred pronouns;
  • give people who identifies as transgender or nonbinary the choice of the gender of the officer who will perform a search on them and ensure that searches of transgender or gender-nonbinary persons are not more invasive than searches of cisgender people;
  • make every reasonable attempt to recover medications for the arrestee and take them to the jail facility with their personal property, as missing medications used as part of a person’s transition can be life- threatening. (more)

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