The Earworm Delivers Subtle Irony From New Hampshire

Posted originally on the conservative tree house June 4, 2021 | Sundance | 86 Comments

Mike Pence was in Manchester, New Hampshire, yesterday delivering a club speech during a Reagan Dinner event.  However, there’s something more than a little ironic from a set of tweets sent last night from the Twitter account of the former Vice-President:

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu was the one who recently blocked any expansion of the Windham, NH, audit after discrepancies were found in the electronic tabulation results in Windham and surrounding townships. {Go Deep}  A sixty percent error rate…. “A State Responsibility!”?

Additionally, it does not go unnoticed that Mike Pence has not said a word about the emails from Anthony Fauci while he was giving advice on the national response to the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak.  Why is that detail significant?…  Because former VP Mike Pence was the appointed lead government official on the National COVID task-force.  If there was anyone with a vested interest about conflicting advice from Dr. Anthony Fauci, it should be the person who was in charge, Mike Pence…. Yet, crickets.

Go figure.

I digress.

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