Media Apoplectic as More States Consider Regional Forensic Ballot Audits, President Trump Advises Pennsylvania to Follow Arizona Model

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on June 4, 2021 | Sundance | 106 Comments

You can tell the level of increasing anxiety amid those in media who went all-in on the election fraud.  More and more articles are now being written and expressed as the MSM attempts to Alinsky (Isolate, Ridicule, Marginalize) the forward progress of state legislatures and grassroots patriots who are demanding a forensic review of regional election outcomes.

The uptick in media effort to marginalize and label audits as “conspiracy theory” only highlights just how far they have gone to help cover-up some of the more suspicious and transparently fraudulent outcomes.  Ballot audits in Maricopa County Arizona are ongoing… The potential ballot audit in Atlanta (Fulton County) is pending… A local ballot audit in Windham New Hampshire highlighted just how extensive the issues are with electronic tabulation; and into this mix President Trump supports the Pennsylvania delegation who have reviewed the Arizona effort as a model for their own potential.

President Trump – “Great patriots led by State Senator Doug Mastriano, Senator Cris Dush, and State Representative Rob Kauffman went to Maricopa County, Arizona, to learn the best practices for conducting a full Forensic Audit of the 2020 General Election.  Now the Pennsylvania Senate needs to act.  Senate President Jake Corman needs to fulfill his promise to his constituents to conduct a full Forensic Audit.  Senator Dave Argall, Chairman of the State Government Committee, has to authorize the subpoenas, if necessary. The people of Pennsylvania and America deserve to know the truth.  If the Pennsylvania Senate leadership doesn’t act, there is no way they will ever get re-elected!” (link)

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