Inappropriate Laughter, Kamala Harris Cannot Respond to Border Visit Question

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on June 8, 2021 | Sundance | 253 Comments

There is absolutely nothing, not one thing, in the curriculum vitae of Kamala Harris that qualifies her for any elected office; she genuinely is not intelligent, coherent, or able to think rationally about issues or events.  Some have likened her to the “female Obama”, but that’s unfair to Obama.  Harris is even more profoundly over-her-head than Obama was.  At least Obama had the skillset to be able to fake it in public.

Harris’s tell is the introduction of laughter, inappropriate laughter, cringeworthy awkwardness, when she is in the uncomfortable position of having to articulate any issue of importance that she just doesn’t comprehend.  Harris has soundbites, rehearsed talking points, that she has trained herself to remember during public engagements.  However, as soon as someone pushes her on the details of those talking points… she stutters, stammers and eventually starts laughing as a deflection.  It is the most transparently obvious trait of a ‘poser’ without any qualification for the position.  Stunningly so.

In this softball interview with Lester Holt on the Today Show the host simply asked her about why she hasn’t visited the U.S. border with Mexico during the crisis taking place with illegal immigration.  Her response is cringe. Watch [Video at 4:30 prompted]

The transparency of her ineptitude is why she couldn’t gain more than 3% support during the Democrat presidential primary.  However, her installation on the ticket was directly because she is from the stable of Obama’s toolbox.  Harris has no capacity for independent or original thought.  A total lack of intellect.  Stunning how so many leftists can see this and yet they must pretend they do not.

Again, David Mamet famously said… In order to advance the ideology of the far-left, the entire apparatus around the fraud must pretend not to know things. Kamala Harris is a walking personification of people pretending not to know she is a total idiot in the world of governance.  I can only imagine the private conversations amid world leaders who are looking at this.

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