Sunday Talks, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Discusses the Number Two Threat to The United States

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on June 13, 2021 | sundance | 94 Comments

The three top threats to the United States are: (1) The corrupt United States Intelligence Community, (2) Big Tech’s ideological manipulation of information, and (3) corporate U.S. media as a propaganda tool; in that order.   There are other big issues, but those three create the ripple effect that is destroying our Constitutional Republic.

In this interview Florida Governor Ron DeSantis discusses a variety of current events, issues of importance and his positions. However, the primary focus of the interview is the #2 threat from Big Tech and what DeSantis is doing in Florida to confront the dangers of ideological manipulation, censorship and deplatforming.

The current line of defense against the JoeBama agenda rests on Governors and state legislatures.  Florida is a solid example of both the Governor and legislature working together to push-back against the unconstitutional fiats of a federal government that is out of control.

The population of Florida is exploding as blue state policies create a hostile environment for freedom and liberty.   However, there is a concern that blue locusts will arrive with their screwy ideology and try to make deep-red Florida turn purple again.

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