It’s Called “Cultural Marxism” For a Reason

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on June 15, 2021 | Sundance | 196 Comments

There are a lot of people referencing a Jon Stewart clip from last night and pondering if he went off script in identifying the Wuhan Bio-lab as the origin of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus that created the COVID pandemic.  Many more are giving him credit for stating the brutally obvious to a majority leftist audience; as if he is on the cutting edge of revolutionary thought amid a tribe that is antithetical to anything against their politics.

Let me be clear, Stewart is a full-throated moonbat leader of the worst kind.  Factually, Jon Stewart, the intellectual epicenter of the Moonbat tribe, is even worse than hypocritical.  Stewart was one of the key cultural marxists who was pushing the COVID panic to support the ideological and political objectives of those who control the sheeple Moonbat tribe. [Video at 02:50]

Jon Stewart is not being a truth-teller. He is however, living out the creed of Cultural Marxists: ‘Retain the lie until it has exhausted its usefulness; then -in the face of irrefutable evidence- instead of acknowledging the lies, simply reverse positions, attempt to retain credibility and deny ever participating in the lie‘.

THAT’s what liars do; and Hollywood liars do it because they are intent on molding society and cultural outlooks.

THAT’s why the outcome of their toxic behavior is called “cultural Marxism.”

Stewart lives a life of tribal elitism amid an ideological crew that surrounds every facet of his life.  His entire sense of self is created by far-leftist ideology.  He parties with elitist moonbats, he hangs out with elitist moonbats; lives, works, eats and breathes amid the system of far-left advancement of ideology.

Stewart was Barack Obama’s biggest advocate and he criticized, marginalized and ridiculed anyone who was intellectually honest about the destruction of the social fabric created as an outcome of their infected racist, collectivist and Marxist thinking.

The video segment doesn’t reflect Jon Stewart as a honest broker any more than the few times when Bill Maher calls out the tribe for the miserable consequences of Wokeism.  These creeps rely on their victims granting them the benefit of doubt.

None of these insufferable snarkists deserve an ounce of credit for admitting the fraud when the lie has collapsed around them and they stand atop the rubble of outcome…

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