Tucker Carlson Outlines The Primary Threat to Our Nation, The Corrupt Intelligence Apparatus Which Includes The FBI

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on June 16, 2021 | Sundance | 104 Comments

Tucker Carlson did an extensive monologue and interview last night as a review of the January 6th DC protest while contrast against the likelihood of FBI organization and coordination.  Many are calling this a brave outline because Carlson will likely face backlash for the overview.   As CTH has noted often, the politicization of the U.S. intelligence apparatus is the biggest threat to our constitutional republic.  In this segment Carlson arrives at the same conclusion.

Carlson used a Revolver article (SEE HERE) by Darren Beattie as the framework for the discussion.  The additional examples Carlson uses are familiar to CTH readers as we have used them before to highlight how politically corrupt the FBI has become.  For those who missed the segment it is in the first 15 minutes of the video below (likely will not last long).

Unfortunately, and completely understandably, due to the content being outlined both Carlson and Beattie need to couch their words carefully.  However, CTH does not.

Often when discussion of these types of issues takes place, so much time is exhausted presenting material in order to defend yourself from attacks by those who wish to block the discussion.  CTH has taken a position that our library of evidence is enough to stand alone, as a consequence we have long passed the point of needing to present endless examples to backstop the analysis.  Quite simply it makes the research articles repetitive and too lengthy.

Avoiding the pitfalls of exhaustive repetition for points that are, by now, brutally obvious; and considering the urgency in the matters being discussed, it’s worth just accepting a few baselines as we move forward.

In the bigger picture anyone with intellectual honesty would admit it is impossible for Antifa to exist if the DOJ and FBI were functioning as a healthy part of the national law enforcement system.  A few dozen arrests for transparently obvious violence, combined with a few RICO cases against the financial systems that support Antifa and the entire violent group essentially disappears.  Therefore, it is worth just accepting the obvious…. The DOJ and FBI are part of the support structure that allows political violence to exist.

I would personally take it (confidently) a step further and say: Antifa simply could not exist without the explicit support of the DOJ/FBI.  Sometimes that support comes in the way of willful blindness or ignoring their activity.  Regardless of each granular example, the fact remains – both the DOJ and FBI do absolutely nothing to eliminate a threat to the domestic tranquility, even when specific individuals carry out extreme violent acts with public visibility and reckless abandon.

Another brutally obvious issue was the transparency of the 2020 election fraud in seven key regions.  Do you really think the DNC and political operative in/around those corrupt cities and regions would carry out such transparently obvious fraud if they didn’t feel confident the DOJ/FBI would look the other way?

We live in this bizarro world where people debate the hypocrisy of a “dual justice system”, without ever accepting that it is not hypocrisy – it is by design.  The standards are a feature, not a flaw.

Actual, real-life, Domestic Violent Extremists called Black Lives Matter and Antifa, tried to burn Washington DC in the summer of 2020.  Not a single arrest.  Not one.   Not a single public tweet about “help us find those arsonists who attempted to burn St. John’s church”.  Nothing.

The DOJ and FBI willfully and purposefully turn a blind eye to literal acts of domestic violence, shootings, beatings, arson, murder, riots and chaos -even attacks on federal buildings- and do nothing.  NOTHING.

Just like how federal contractors were/are purposefully given the keys to NSA/FBI databases to exploit and extract information for political targeting, so too is Antifa essentially operating as a federal contractor for domestic violence.

In essence, the FBI is Antifa…. and before that the FBI was Occupy…. and before that the FBI was supporting the 2007 SEIU/AFSCME political thugs.  Go ahead and prove me wrong, but you better bring receipts; because there is a mountain of historical evidence to support my position.

Russia has a state police that CNN, the New York Times and Washington Post likes to talk about all the time as a negative attribute to the former communist bloc.  However, The United States has the FBI.  Go ahead and tell me the difference between Russian “state police”, and the FBI as U.S. “state police“?

The FBI controls who gets security clearances for key positions in the U.S. government, by controlling the investigations to support the application.  Knowing what you know now about how the FBI operates, don’t you think the FBI use that authority as a filtering tool against any entity who would disrupt or dismantle their power structure?

If you start from the framework that the FBI as an institution is a political operation intent on protecting the currently corrupt systems that function as weapons within the United States government, then of course they would organize, coordinate and conduct subversive operations against groups and individuals they perceive as their enemy.

The largest recent example was their operation(s) against presidential candidate Donald Trump.  That campaign included 50 FBI agents later assigned to the Weissmann/Mueller operation to create an obstruction case against President Trump in order to remove him from office.  That’s FIFTY FBI agents participating in the Mueller operation.  Not a single one of those fifty FBI agents ever spoke out EVEN AFTER all evidence surfaced about how the FBI was manipulating the evidence inside the investigation itself.  [Example: Chris Steele’s primary sub-source refuting the Steele dossier to the investigative agents, yet they still continued with the Title-1 surveillance warrant, FISA renewals, against Carter Page.]

The FBI is a corrupt ideological institution that targets their political opposition.   Of course the FBI planned, organized, assisted and in some ways carried out the January 6th operation to create the exact narrative currently being used to grant them more authority.

Do you really think the FBI would be publicly behaving like this if they were not a politically ideological institution?

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