Agree to Disagree

Armstrong Economics Blog/Humor Re-Posted Jun 17, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

Politicians never agree to disagree. In America, politicians can only see things in black and white (i.e., red or blue). The two sides act like magnets attracting. Bipartisanship is a show for the masses. Reverse psychology is defined as “the principle or practice of subtly encouraging a behavior or belief by advocating its opposite.” Perhaps the right should advocate to shut down the economy and herd in the masses so that the left opposes.

In rhetoric there is logos (logic), ethos (credibility/trust), and pathos (emotions/values). Obama and Trump appealed to the masses by seeming like “one of us” (ethos), driving points home (logos), and of course, pandering to their audience (pathos). Even with George W. Bush, people saw the candidate as relatable (ethos) and felt he had the same Texas-born values (pathos). With Biden, people simply voted for him because they hated Trump. Biden’s strength as a leader is questionable, even to those who voted for him. Yet, since people oppose Trump, they voted for the other candidate without checking his credentials.

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