After Meeting With Russian President Vladimir Putin Joe Biden Freezes Military Assistance to Ukraine

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on June 18, 2021 | Sundance | 210 Comments

President Donald Trump was impeached under the false pretense of withholding military assistance from Ukraine (he never did).  Intelligence Community operative Lt. Col Alexander Vindman testified to congress that President Trump’s decision to pause military assistance to Ukraine was evidence of some suspicious relationship between President Trump and Russian President Putin….  The media proclaimed Trump was working to assist Russia because President Putin likely had pee tapes, or something.

Fast forward a little more than a year, Joe Biden meets with Putin, gets eviscerated and embarrassed by the diplomatic smack-down from the Russian President, and suddenly Joe Biden is freezing formerly approved military assistance for Ukraine….  IMPEACH !

WASHINGTON DC – The Biden White House has temporarily halted a military aid package to Ukraine that would include lethal weapons, a plan originally made in response to aggressive Russian troop movements along Ukraine’s border this spring.

The aid package would be worth up to $100 million, according to four people familiar with internal deliberations.

The National Security Council directed officials to put the package together, as Washington grew increasingly concerned over a massive Russian military buildup near the border with Ukraine and in the Crimean Peninsula, according to three of the people, who like the others asked not to be named in order to speak candidly about internal discussions. Officials at the State Department and Pentagon worked to assemble the proposal. (read more)

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