As Expected DeceptiCon Kinzinger Uses Questions About FBI Involvement to Advocate for January 6th Commission

Posted originally on the conservative Tree house on June 21, 2021 | Sundance | 95 Comments

The “trap” was clear as day. “Anyone who is advocating for the legislative branch to be the solution to intense internal corruption within the DOJ, FBI or Intelligence Community is only setting themselves up for a total failure”; perhaps intentionally so.  Smart people do not accidentally advocate for transparently predictable outcomes that provide weapons to the enemy.

Today DeceptiCon Representative Adam Kinzinger opens the trap door:

Meijer and Kinzinger are part of the House Decepticon Caucus.  As we previously tried to warn readers: Do not be naive to think the GOP want the FBI involvement in the January 6 events to be exposed any more than the Republican wing of the UniParty wanted to see the IRS targeting of conservative groups exposed.

The vast majority of DC republicans want to see the MAGA base destroyed just like they wanted to see the Tea Party base destroyed so they could get back to the business of self-indulgence in 2012.

The activity by the FBI in the January 6th events should be researched and investigated, but don’t fall into the trap of demanding congress to do the investigation. They will weaponize that request against our interests.

The MAGA voters (the republican base) will be targeted, ridiculed and marginalized in the run up to the 2022 election. They will be made to look like domestic terrorists, “Domestic Violent Extremists”, and much worse as defined by collusion between a corrupt FBI and a corrupt U.S. corporate media. That is the entire purpose of the commission that passed the House and was narrowly defeated in the Senate.

Instead of giving our enemy ammunition, keep supporting independent research, demanding documents and identifying evidence of the FBI involvement by any means legally possible. Then help the legal defense teams of those who are being charged in the cases to use their position as defendants to demand evidence in the cases against their clients.

All of the lawyers with clients under federal charges should use the full weight of the legal system to demand “Brady Evidence” that supports the innocence of their clients against the ridiculous accusations by the DOJ. The defense teams should be allowed access to CCTV footage and any evidence of FBI informants who had contact with the accused.

In essence use the legal system to discover the evidence of FBI corruption while simultaneously defending their clients. A recent example for this approach might be how Sidney Powell defended Michael Flynn and used discovery demands to highlight gross government abuses by the DOJ/FBI against her transparently innocent client.

The defense lawyers could organize a group defense fund for just this purpose and then ask the public for money. Every client would benefit from the findings.

It is beyond absolute that anyone who advocates for the legislative branch to investigate the FBI involvement in January 6th, is only supporting the interests of the DC system and UniParty who would love nothing more than to have public pressure on them to investigate their own role.

Alas, I fear we are only a few days away from this exact scenario happening, unless people wake up soon.

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