With Marching Orders From Obama The Senate Prepares to Ram Through The Federal Takeover of Elections

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on June 22, 2021 | Sundance | 342 Comments

Earlier today President Obama pulled the progressive tribes together and told them to support West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin’s manipulative deflection/amendment.  Manchin is trying to defend himself against West Virginia backlash by clouding the intent of Democrats to forever takeover federal and state elections.   Democrats want to codify permanent “mail-in ballots” into federal law to ensure they can duplicate the 2020 election outcome forever.

Using professional political parseltongue “Manchin said Tuesday afternoon that he would vote with the rest of the Democratic caucus to advance the bill. “I’ve found common ground with my Democratic colleagues on a new version of the bill that ensures our elections are fair, accessible and secure,” Manchin said in a statement.”

The Democrats now have enough votes to begin advancing SB1, the full takeover of U.S. elections with Democrats in control over every rule and process.  However, the Republican wing of the UniParty cannot give Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer 10 votes to overcome the filibuster without the GOP base knowing their intent.  So McConnell has vowed to filibuster the bill.

Progressive leftists will want Chuck Schumer to get rid of the filibuster and use a simple majority vote in the Senate to pass the “Take Away The Right to Vote” legislation.  However, if the Democrats fail in cheating on a massive scale in 2022, they could lose the Senate and House, and SB1 could be reversed and leave Biden to stand alone vetoing the bill to undo the election takeover.

It’s a calculating game of political scheme and fraud, where the DC elites (both parties) are trying to determine their odds of pulling off the plan while simultaneously keeping the American electorate from seeing what they are doing.   Pelosi has the military defenses around the Capitol prepared to keep back any revolting peasants; but that security only works if the politicians don’t leave DC.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid famously sequestered the Senate in December of 2009 to block any senator from returning to his/her state where they would face the fury of their electorate and likely recant support for Obamacare.  Unfortunately, Senate Majority Chuck Schumer doesn’t have the benefit of the calendar to jail the senators from leaving DC, and simultaneously tensions at home in every state are unseasonably hot.

[Via Politico] […] –  Proponents of the bill argue that it’s a necessary response to recent state laws from GOP legislatures that restrict access to the ballot, where were introduced in the aftermath of the 2020 election. Democrats’ legislation would lead to significant changes in how elections are conducted across the country, including provisions to mandate in-person early voting in all states, require that states offer no-excuse absentee voting and institute automatic and same-day voter registration. It would also require that most states establish independent redistricting commissions.

The bill as written also contains sweeping campaign finance and ethics updates, like a public financing system for congressional races, which have often taken a back seat to the elections portions of the law.

The bill remains a potent motivating factor among much of the Democratic base.  (more)

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