Kamala Harris Announces Border Visit Just Days Before President Trump Event

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on June 23, 2021 | Sundance | 179 Comments

The transparency of the political positioning and timing is obvious.  Today, after months of obfuscation and avoidance, Kamala Harris announces she will visit the Texas-Mexico border only days ahead of President Trump’s border visit.

Interestingly -and not coincidentally- Harris is headed to the New Mexico, Texas, border region; about a thousand miles away from where the epicenter of the border crisis exists.  It appears the administration is trying to keep her in blue areas that are less likely to see organized protests against the regime.

Remember, McAllen Texas just elected a Republican mayor, and in stark contrast to the media narrative the south Texas/Mexico border region (80%+ Latino/Mexican) voted overwhelmingly for President Trump in 2020.

WASHINGTON DC – Vice President Kamala Harris is heading to the U.S.-Mexico border this week, amid an unrelenting chorus of criticism from Republicans over her failure to visit there.

Harris, who was tasked by President Joe Biden to lead diplomatic efforts to stem the flow of migrants arriving on the southern border, will make a stop in El Paso, Texas on Friday, according to sources familiar with the trip. She is expected to be accompanied by Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. (read more)

President Trump took note of the timing…

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