Arizona Audit Volunteer Liz Harris Gives Interesting Interview About Status of Maricopa County Ballot Audit and Canvassing

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on July 2, 2021 | Sundance | 58 Comments

Liz Harris is apparently a volunteer for the Maricopa County audit having previously been a candidate herself.  In this interview Ms. Harris, while qualifying her statements with the non-disclosure agreement, gives an overview of what the audit team has likely uncovered so far.  Additionally, as CTH has previously highlighted, the canvas is the important aspect to the physical ballot review.

Ms. Harris discusses -in broad terms- how the canvassing is being done and how commercials are being deployed throughout the region by “Protect Democracy” the leftist activist group.  It appears the DNC affiliate is running ads in an effort to get canvassed voters to provide them “voter intimidation” ammunition for the DOJ to use against the audit workers.   But wait, it gets worse… AND very familiar for those who walk the deep weeds.

Ms. Harris describes a very familiar tactic previously used by the SEIU operatives (purple orcs we called them), where they impersonate audit canvassers (and/or election workers) and actually do intentionally intimidate the voter (very aggressive).  The canvassed voter then thinks they have been intimidated by an audit worker and reports that conduct to the DOJ who in turn use that evidence against the audit team to file lawsuits.   We saw this exact type of operation carried out by the SEIU in Pennsylvania circa 2007 as the DNC wanted to keep the RNC under a consent decree (long story).  This is also how Bob Creamer operated when he was planting fake protestors in Trump rallies on behalf of Hillary Clinton.


I would not be surprised to hear that Bob Creamer’s group has been activated by the DNC to conduct operations in Arizona.  Creamer was the guy who organized the false flag of violent Trump supporters; Democrat activists who pretend to be Trump supporters and get violent.  When Creamer was caught on tape by Project Veritas, he was removed from the DNC network. {STORY}

What Liz Harris describes sounds exactly like a Bob Creamer operation.  If anyone has contacts in/around the Arizona audit team, you might want to let them know who is likely behind the effort being described.

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