Pfizer Produces Creepy Vaccination Propaganda Video Targeting Kids – Reminder, Only 27 Percent of Parents Comfortable With This Political Vaccination

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on November 3, 2021 | Sundance | 316 Comments

Before getting to a seriously deranged propaganda commercial presented by Pfizer, let me first outline some context.

Modern Democrats and leftists -writ large- celebrate childless families.  Modern Democrats advocate for not having children and enjoying the freedom that comes from a childless life.

Democrats promote abortion even at the last moments before natural birth (ie. #ShoutYourAbortion), and consider children to be “anchors” (Obama’s term) that stop people from enjoying a productive life focused on professional advancement.

Everything in the expressed policies of the modern Democrats is about not having children or becoming parents.  Sure they talk about children, but only from the perspective of political benefit.  Children are a point of advocacy for them; yet most influential modern leftists do not have children.

Democrats and leftists also claim not having children is the most environmentally responsible conduct.  They intentionally erode the institution of marriage, and inside their policies they advocate for the government to replace two parent households.  Single parenting is supported by funding and direct subsidy; and the ability to be disconnected from direct childcare and parental responsibility is part of their platform.  The state replaces the role of parent.

As a direct result, an entire generation of brainwashed twenty-somethings have no desire to have children.  Additionally, as a natural outcome of this generational approach, the children that do exist within society are overwhelmingly from parents who are not in alignment with mainstream leftism.

U.S. Democrats, in generalized terms, no longer have a direct and personal connection to raising children.  A very large percentage of leftist political advocates are childless.  That is the generational context that is growing more stark as each year passes.  There are fewer and fewer children from people who define themselves as Democrats.  However, you will note these childless leftist activists are also at the center of policies that touch the lives of parents.

One example would be the School Boards recently in the headlines that are often occupied by childless leftists and ideologues who align with communal outlooks toward children.  They do not have children themselves, but they believe your children belong to them.  As a consequence, they have a ridiculously overbalanced influence in what happens in the lives of children.  It is a weird dynamic that has become even more weird over the course of many years.

So when you consider the position of political leftists when it comes to vaccinations, remember most of their advocacy influence is external to their tribe.  They advocate for having kids vaccinated with an experimental vaccine (no long-term consequences studied) yet, they do not have kids themselves.  This should be a warning flag to parents.

Now check out the Pfizer propaganda commercial {Direct Rumble Link Here}:


Keep in mind, only 27% of parents in the recent NBC survey would vaccinate their 3 to 11 year-old kids.  It is very likely the overwhelming majority of that 27% lean politically toward the left. [DATA]

64% of people with children under age 11 say they would not vaccinate their kids or would wait to see more data on long term consequences. Only 27% of respondents said they would immediately vaccinate their children with the untested COVID vaccine.


In an exhibition of the law of unintended consequence…. What worries the political left?

…..That parents will align with Republicans.

In order for leftist ideologues to continue advancing their insane ideological beliefs, they must pretend not to know things.  In that tweet video, Stephanie Cutter has to pretend not to know that all modern Democrat Party priorities are intended to undermine parenting.  Now, she’s worried that Democrats will not hold parents as a constituency.

Leftism is a mental disorder.

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