Sketchy U.S. Surgeon General Attempts to Rebut Matthew McConaughey and Vaccine Hesitance in Children

Posted originally on the Conservative tree house November 10, 2021 | Sundance | 151 Comments

U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy appeared on U.S. state television (CNN) Wednesday in an effort to push vaccinations for children.

Mr. Murthy is married to a woman named Dr. Alice Tu Chen.  If you look into the past of the surgeon general’s wife, you will discover Alice Chen is essentially a ghost – from the perspective of: who were her parents?  The lack of parental and familial history is a key characteristic of CCP implants in the U.S.

Surgeon General Murthy is pushing hard for vaccines in 5 to 11-year-olds.  Most U.S. parents are reasonably hesitant about using an experimental untested vaccine on their children.  Murthy is very focused on creating pressure on parents to vaccinate their children with an emergency use product against a virus that poses no significant threat.

In July, the Surgeon General asked Big Tech platform providers to remove content and censor anyone who would question the emergency use vaccine in adults.  His office put out a 22-page advisory [pdf HERE] in an effort to combat what he called “misinformation” about vaccines.  Now, Murthy is using that same approach to enhance his efforts toward childhood vaccines.  There is something creepy about the scale of the effort.

Hollywood actor Matthey McConaughey came out as a parent of three children cautious about vaccinating his own kids. A highly visible Hollywood personality who expresses a vaccine hesitancy immediately becomes a threat to the system.  As a consequence, Surgeon General Murthy appears on U.S. state TV (CNN) to stem the damage and tamp down independent thinking.

There is something very odd in the background of Surgeon General Vivek Murthy as it relates to his wife Alice Chen.  Look around, do some research, you’ll likely come to the same conclusion.  Her Chinese parents are missing from everything in her life, including her marriage.  Alice Chen is essentially a ghost who just appeared in college and somehow found her way to be married to the U.S. Surgeon General.   There were no relatives of the bride at her 2015 wedding. It is all very weird.

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