Gates – Vaccines & Population Growth

Armstrong Economics Blog/Population Re-Posted Nov 15, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

Bill Gates simply cannot be this stupid. He is engaging in pure sophistry to sell his population-climate change agenda. The mistake people are making here is they are judging the third world by our way of life. Gates is claiming that we need to vaccinate everyone in the world so they will have a healthier single child so they will not need more than one child. This scheme will reduce the population by 50%. Gates waves his hands wildly desperately trying to gesture for emphasis to make his claims more declarative. It might be dangerous to sit too close to him. You may be poked in the eye with an elbow. Nevertheless, is this all a complete lie? Is Bill Gates promoting LGB relationships to also reduce population?

Those who have made up these estimates of the world population since the start of recorded history have created a linear progression that is FAKE and never reflected wars or disease. The Black Death reduced the population by 50% in most areas. They estimate the world population between 1200 to 1500 grew from 360 million to 450 million. There is NEVER a single downtick in their estimates. They have totally ignored the history of plagues. The plague of smallpox often wiped out 50% to 70% of the population.

Climate has impacted the population tremendously. Even studies of field mice have revealed that they would produce more offspring when food was abundant and fewer babies when food was scarce. The ebb and flow of the climate have had a huge impact upon population growth as is the case for economic expansion. As empires rose, the birth rate would decline for people did not need children as much to survive and the birth rate declines.

Even in China right now, the newborn population has plummeted by 40% in the past five years (from 18 million in 2016 to 12 million in 2020), and authorities are pulling out all the stops to convince people to have children.  Back in 2013, China had to pass a law that the children must visit their parents. Elderly couples began importing girls from Southeast Asia to take care of them and they would leave them the property. It wasn’t long ago when China had the one-child rule which led to many girls being abandoned to be adopted by Westerners.

The greatest the economic advancement, the greater the decline in the birth rate. We see this trend throughout the industrialized world. The birth rates have declined substantially in JapanEurope, and America with the rise in the economy. Russia was paying $9,000 for women to have children because the population declines only with economic advancement. Is Gates’ fear of population and climate change all based upon linear projections that ignore reality? Has he been brainwashed by his father’s effort to provide abortions with Planned Parenthood in minority areas?

Abortion was practiced on a regular basis among the poor, slave, merchant, and royal classes in ancient Rome. There was no consideration that abortion was killing a child. There was nothing in Roman law that criminalized such an act. Even if we read Ovid, we find the passage on abortion where his mistress aborted his child and he wished she had died with the child. He wrote:

“She who first essayed to expel from her womb the tender fruit she bore therein, deserved to perish in the struggle she had invited….If in the childhood of the world mothers had followed this wicked custom, the human race would have vanished from the  face of the earth…” The Loves 2.14

It was Emperor Augustus (27 BC-14 AD) who banished his daughter Julia for her sex orgies and also banish Ovid to the Black Sea for his encouragement. It was Augustus who passed family laws to force men to marry because the Latin population was declining as economic expansion flourished. Marriages in Roman times were arrangements between two Roman families. The girl would be married soon after puberty to a suitable male generally 10 to 15 years older. The parents would consult with friends to find suitable partners that could improve the family’s wealth or class. In ancient Egypt, one was considered fortunate if they could marry their sister to keep the wealth in the family.

In Rome, there were very specific laws governing marriage. A proper Roman marriage could not take place unless the bride and groom were Roman citizens, or had been granted special permission, called “conubium.” At one point in Roman history, freed slaves had been forbidden to marry citizens. This restriction was lifted by Augustus who passed as part of his family laws in 18BC to increase the population. A freed slave, however, was still prohibited from marrying a senator.

The birth rates have always declined with economic growth throughout history. The higher birth rates in India and Africa that have tormented Bill Gates in his dreams are in agrarian-based economies where they need children for their retirement. The reason is very simple. In an agrarian society, you have more children for they are your retirement and they take care of you in your old age and allow the farm to keep producing. You would typically have several children because also because the mortality rate was high. Even the legal age for a girl in most of the world is 14 years old. The only countries with 18 years old are the United States and Turkey. These lower legal ages outside the United States reflect the ancient tradition of marrying soon after puberty for the life expectancy was also lower and at times in the late 40s. So a girl did not wait until she passed thirty to get married. She would not be there as a mother more often than not when the child reached twenty.

While social security was hailed as a major benefit during the Great Depress, the problem it has introduced was that it fundamentally altered the family structure of responsibility that extended back thousands of years. People would have children and they, in turn, took care of their parents in their old age. Today, few children save for their parents and they assume that it is the government’s job to take care of them in their old age – no longer the children. Then the politicians took the money and used it as a slush fund to fill it with their debt and prohibited it from ever investing in the country.

Historically, the age difference in marriage declined with the industrial revolution to the point it was only 50% older by 1900 and then dropped to perhaps 10-15 years older by 1930. The introduction of social security also altered the entire marriage trend. The man would ask the father for the hand of his daughter and the question was – What do you have? The boy first had to become a man, work hard, get the house and the chickens to prove he could take care of her and their children. With the introduction of socialism, the age collapsed and it was all about love, and no longer did the boy have to become a man. Even the dowry was not a payment to the boy to marry his daughter, it was a payment to her to contribute to her future. It was all about providing for the girl and her children into the future. Therefore, only after the Great Depression did the age difference collapse and divorce skyrocketed because girls naturally matured faster than boys. Money was no longer an issue for the great government replaced family, dowries, and concern about the future.

Gates’ proposition falls apart because these third-world countries are still in the agrarian stage. They lack the economic development that reduces the population. They need the children to run the farm and they need them for retirement for they lack such pension schemes. Gates’ nightmare about population growth in India and Africa can be solved by improving their economies – not vaccinating them so they will have fewer children. That is just absurd. To me, it seems he is just following his father is trying to impose Eugenics on the World. Yet Gates had three children – so it’s Eugenics. Do as I command, but not as I do.

There is absolutely no support whatsoever for his claim that vaccinating children will make them healthier so they will have less. Donate food if that is really the issue – but there is no profit in that. Gates then pretends to be the great philanthropist, but in the next breath refuses to share vaccine technology and lobbies the industrialized rich countries to buy his vaccines and they donate them to the third world. Oh, he has just admitted that they do not work anyhow.

This scheme is clever and the end goal is to make him the richest man in 6,000 years of recorded history. Even the billionaire tax will kill his competition and he will never pay a dime for he stuffed his wealth tax-free in a foundation like Hillary.

It seems that power is like money. Gates shifted his quest for wealth to power. The more he buys, the more he wants.

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