UK Prime Minister Announces New Definition for Vaccinated Will Require Triple Jabs and Boosters

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on November 16, 2021 | Sundance | 259 Comments

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson held a press conference yesterday [Video Here] where he announced the U.K. COVID mitigation policy will now require citizens of the U.K. to undergo booster jabs.  The government approved definition of “fully vaccinated” will now require the citizens to take booster shots in order to remain compliant.

Comrades, the collective aspirations of the Ministry of COVID Health, have determined the booster program is the best way to transfer taxpayer funds to the pharmaceutical corporations who are now in control of government.  Our community health COVID authorization passport is now contingent upon our obedience to an undetermined number of ongoing jabs.

There are many concerning issues; however, the alarming aspect is to consider that through COVID the government now controls the definitions of “fully vaccinated“, and that definition is what opens newly constructed gates permitting your freedom.  Regardless of how you feel about the vaccine, the ability of a government to modify a definition of your physical being – that then permits your freedom, should be beyond alarming.

♦ Big Picture – The COVID Passport, now currently deployed in Europe and Australia, becomes the vector for entry into a digital identification process.  At the end of that digital ID process is a centralized database, which, not coincidentally, directly aligns with the capability of the federal government to trigger what the Build Back Better leaders have described as a centralized system to control all financial deposits, transactions and human activity through the digital ID now created.

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