Viral Goalposts Shifting – Scientists, Facing Scrutiny About Vaccinations Not Stopping Virus, Announce Discovery of New Vaccine Resistant Strain of Virus

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on November 24, 2021 | Sundance | 224 Comments

As more data revels less benefit to vaccination status; and additional data reveals vaccinated individuals are becoming the group with the most adverse health outcomes; the scientific and medical community -writ large- are facing increased scrutiny to justify the public benefit of a seemingly endless booster approach with little upside.

In essence, what good are all these vaccinations; and specifically all the rules of proving your vaccinated status vis-a-vis passports; if the vaccinated can still be infected and spread the virus?   The voices asking this question are growing more loud by the day.  Then, all of a sudden….


Isn’t that convenient?  A new variant that tamps down the issue of questioning science about why the vaccine doesn’t seem to work.  It appears the COVID science always has a way to explain why the COVID science may not work.

SKY NEWS – Scientists have raised concerns about a new variant of coronavirus that has an “extremely high number” of mutations that vaccines may not protect the human body against.

The B.1.1.529 variant was first detected in Botswana, Africa in November with subsequent infections confirmed through genome sequencing in South Africa and in a traveller from Hong Kong after returning from the Rainbow Nation.

Only ten cases have been reported across the world but health experts believe it could have spread further than three countries as nations ease COVID-19 restrictions and restart international travel. 

The latest variant has 32 spike mutations in the spike protein, the part of the virus that most vaccines use to boost the immune systems against the highly infectious disease.

Mutations in spike protein can affect the virus’ ability to infect cells within the body and spread but also makes it difficult for immune cells to attack the pathogen. The worrying number of mutations mean it could evade immunity.  (read more)

Not to worry, I’m confident a few more scientific lockdowns, distance rules, masks, travel restrictions, compliance checks and booster shots will be able to overcome it.  After all, it would be terrible if those COVID quarantine camps were built and then not used.

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