As World Overreacts to B.1.1.529, Remember Dr. Fauci’s Advice: If You’re Overreacting, “you’re probably doing the right thing”

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As World Overreacts to B.1.1.529, Remember Dr. Fauci’s Advice: If You’re Overreacting, “you’re probably doing the right thing”

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Dr. Ron Brown – Opinion Editorial

November 26, 2021

No one should be surprised that the world is anxiously overreacting to news of the latest coronavirus variant B.1.1.529: WHO meets amid global alarm over new Covid-19 variant. After all, the public has been conditioned to overreact to the discovery of “novel” coronaviruses” during the COVID-19 pandemic by none other than the master disinformation disseminator himself, Dr. Anthony S. Fauci: ‘If it looks like you’re overreacting, you’re probably doing the right thing’. Fauci’s misinformed advice has encouraged hasty, counterproductive, and damaging public health decisions based on surveillance data falling directly into the hands of anxious public health authorities—before being vetted and interpreted by more thorough epidemiological analyses to determine actual virus severity and spread. Consequently, the hysterical public health message implied through the media is that there is no time for all that if we are all dead!

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