Joe Biden Says 200 Million Americans Vaccinated, Amid U.S. Population of 350 Million

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on December 22, 2021 | Sundance | 138 Comments

I don’t mean kick up a cloud of dust here, but something is weird again.  Last week we spotlighted information provided by media about the U.S. vaccination rate being considerably overstated {Go Deep}.  In essence, the CDC data was being revised downward to correct prior rates of vaccination that were not accurate.

During an ABC interview today (segment below), Joe Biden told ABC News’ David Muir that as of right now, there are “200 million people fully vaccinated.”  WATCH (1 min):

Counting illegal aliens, there are roughly 350 million Americans right now [Census Data].  If 200 million Americans are vaccinated (60%), that means there are approximately 150 million Americans NOT vaccinated (40%).

During his speech yesterday, Joe Biden said: “Thanks to the progress on vaccinations this fall, we’ve gone from nearly 90 million adults in July who had not even started their vaccination process to fewer than 40 million today.” [LINK]

There’s a big difference between 150 million unvaccinated and “fewer than 40 million” unvaccinated.  Can you reconcile the difference?

As we noted last week, with the CDC adjusting the numbers downward […] this would align with several tangential datapoints which have always seemed to be in conflict with the preferred government narrative.  Additionally, there’s also an obvious motive on behalf of the government to overinflate vaccination in order to generate peer pressure and the self-fulfilling prophecy needed to garner vaccine acceptance.

As now noted by Bloomberg:

[…] “CDC data show 240 million people with at least one shot, or about 72.5% of the population. But the agency says only 203 million are fully vaccinated, or 61.3%, an 11-percentage-point difference that is far larger than in other developed countries.

State and local officials say it’s improbable that 37 million Americans got one shot without completing their inoculations. Instead, they say, the government has regularly and incorrectly counted booster shots and second doses as first doses.” (more)

Perhaps this disparity reconciles why many people look quizzically at the high vaccine data while not finding any correlation to their own community, friends or family.  Indeed, there has always been a disconnect between the number of people the government reports as having been vaccinated, when contrast against the open admissions of those who have not wanted to participate in this wide-scale vaccination program.

Biden’s statement today aligns with the adjusted statements from the CDC of 200 million Americans being fully vaccinated.   However, Biden’s statement today does not reconcile against his statement yesterday of “fewer than 40 million Americans” remain to be vaccinated.

If the 200 million vaccinated number is accurate, then 150 million Americans are not vaccinated.

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