Kamala Defensive as Approval Rating Declines

Armstrong Economics Blog/Politics Re-Posted Dec 23, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

Someone is not happy about Joe Manchin slapping down the Build Back Better agenda. Vice President Kamala Harris embarrassed herself while being interviewed by a popular radio personality who is known to push buttons. When asked whether Manchin or Biden was the real president, Harris lost her cool and began shouting that the host was “talking like a Republican.” Part of being in power is facing opposition. Imagine if Kamala became enraged while speaking with heads of state over extremely sensitive matters? This woman is not fit to be vice president.

It is no wonder that Kamala currently has a 52.7% disapproval rating, which is likely higher than what has been reported. Last month, some estimates had her approval rating as low as 28%. This means, at a minimum, over half of American voters do not want this woman representing them. Even the Washington Post reported that Harris “burns through seasoned staff members,” with numerous resignations this year alone. No one is allowed to criticize her without being accused of being racist or sexist.

This is not the first time that Kamala Harris has become overly defensive when criticized. President Biden put Kamala in charge of handling the US-Mexico border crisis. When popular journalist Lester Holt questioned why the VP had not even gone to visit the border, Kamala snapped back, “Well, I haven’t been to Europe.” Her team has limited her press interviews since that moment. Even in the video above, her team attempts to end the interview before Kamala shoots herself in the foot. Kamala has yet to do anything to address the border crisis. She is not fulfilling any of her campaign promises and is basically invisible in her position as vice president.

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