NYC Mayor Announces Performers and Athletes No Longer Subject to Vaccination Mandate, but All Other Residents Remain Under Requirement

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on March 24, 2022 

New York City Mayor Eric Adams eviscerated the justification for the vaccination mandate because science demanded it – as he presented exemptions for NYC performers and athletes due to ‘fairness.’

As noted by MSM, “Ballplayers and other performers got the green light to apply their skills in New York City even if they haven’t been vaccinated against Covid-19.” however, all other residents are still required to live under the mandate. “Covid is a battle, our economy is a battle,” he told reporters at Citi Field in Queens, home of the New York Mets. “We need to recover our city from crime, from economic devastation, from uncertainty.”

Hopefully, someone, anyone, will file a lawsuit to remove the mandates and cite this economically purposed policy change as the evidence.  This is nuts.  Two tiers of citizens based on profession?  Elite athletes and performers exempt, but ordinary citizens remain under the vaccination mandate?

The New York Post has a headline story asking how this elitist policy change could possibly be okay. [SEE HERE]  The city fired thousands of workers over the mandate, and now they change the rules for the professional entitled class?


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