Sunday Talks, NEC Director Brian Deese Explains Biden Inflation Solution, Raise Taxes, Take Over Drug Prices and Subsidize Energy Costs for Poor Americans

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NEC Director Brian Deese delivers a consistent blend of words, claimed to be economic policy, that make absolutely no sense.  Deese is almost as bad at parse tongue gibberish as Pete Buttigieg and Kamala Harris, but not quite up to their level.   Many will think Deese is uniquely unqualified. However, if you accept that Deese job is to be the distracting front man -spewing nonsense platitudes while others detonate the economic explosives- then he is being successful.

Deese appeared for two interviews, one on Fox News Sunday {SEE HERE} and on on CBS {SEE FULL INTERVIEW HERE}. Fox News (Shannon Bream) attempted zero pushback on Deese ridiculous claims.  CBS (Margaret Brennan) at least pushed back a little harder.  However, we must accept both media outlets are advancing the same corporate agenda by playing the pretend game with Deese appearances.

Deese used the word “transition” eleven times in both interviews in relationship to the economy.   Deese was never asked what this actual “transition” is that he speaks so often about.  At certain trigger points Deese gets down to political nonsense when he says what the Biden team is doing to combat inflation.  He brings up three legislative priorities that he claims will lower consumer costs: (1) raise taxes; (2) federal takeover of all Rx prices; and (3) subsidize energy prices for low-income Americans.   That’s the plan; at least that’s what his unserious word assemblies are intended to claim as a plan, and he’s sticking to it while the media nods along.  WATCH:

{Full Interview with Brennan Here}

FYI, the Brian Deese economic plan is also the Larry Summers economic plan as outlined on Meet the Press {SEE HERE}.  At this point the entire DC system, including both democrat and republican wings of the UniParty vulture, are in alignment to fundamentally change the U.S. economy, justified via climate change, and kick start their carbon trading platform.    There is no entity in/around Washington DC trying to stop the economic collapse caused by energy policy.

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