Sunday Talks, Treasury Secretary Yellen Claims Biden Energy Policy Not Responsible for Biden Energy Prices

Posed originally on the conservative tree house on June 19, 2022 | Sundance 

This interview is nothing but gaslighting crazy talk from an insufferable ideologue who is responsible for managing the insane policy driven consequences of transitioning from oil, gas and coal into an era where windmills and solar panels provide U.S. electricity.  Janet Yellen is the decline manager.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen begins the interview by denying the U.S. economy is shrinking.  Literally in the first answer Yellen says the economy “has been growing at a very rapid rate as the labor rate has reached full employment, it’s natural now that we expect a transition to steady and stable growth.”  Obviously, in order to say the economy has been growing, Yellen needs to pretend not to know the first quarter GDP was -1.5% as measured.  But wait… it gets more ridiculous….

At 06:30 of the interview, Yellen claims with a straight face that U.S. energy policy, which includes massive amounts of new crushing regulations from Biden, is not responsible for U.S. oil and gasoline prices.   WATCH (prompted):


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