Facing Public Backlash Manhattan DA Lowers Bail for 61-Year-Old Convenience Store Clerk, Jose Alba, in Clear Self Defense Case

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on July 7, 2022 | Sundance 

The Safari Rules are surfacing again….

Jose Alba, 61, was working at Hamilton Heights Grocery on Broadway when a 35-year-old career criminal and ex-con, Austin Simon, stormed behind the counter and shoved him into a wall.  Austin Simon then continued to aggressively push Alba around, when the clerk grabbed a knife to defend himself and stabbed his attacker, Simon.

The entire incident was captured on CCTV footage [SEE HERE, Rumble], and the series of events were triggered when Simon’s girlfriend did not have enough money for her purchase and Jose Alba would not let her just take it without paying.  The boyfriend, Austin Simon, then enters the store, walks behind the counter and begins assaulting the 61-year-old Mr. Alba.  After a few minutes of being shoved and pushed around, Alba then grabbed a knife and stabbed Simon.  The attacker died of his injuries.  The store clerk was arrested by police, charged with murder and sent to jail with a $500,000 bail.

New York – The hard-working Manhattan bodega worker who was languishing on Rikers Island after being charged with murder for fending off a violent ex-con inside his store could be home as soon as Thursday night after a judge agreed to lower his hefty bail.

Jose Alba, who was being held on $250,000 bail in the Friday night caught-on-video attack, is due to be sprung after Manhattan prosecutors asked a judge to lower the amount to $50,000 — with relatives and Alba’s boss putting up the $5,000 needed to spring him on a bail bond. 

Alba’s attorney, Danielle Jackson of Neighborhood Defender Service of Harlem, assured the judge that her client was going nowhere.

“He has every intention to return to court and defend this case,” Jackson said.

Prosecutors with District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office had initially requested that Alba be held on $500,000 bail at his arraignment Saturday, citing a planned trip to the Dominican Republic next week as proof that he was a flight risk.

In court, Manhattan prosecutors charged Alba with second-degree murder, but refused to file charges against Simon’s girlfriend for stabbing the bodega worker.

More than 20 relatives and supporters packed the courtroom for the video-feed court hearing in support of the beleaguered bodega worker.

Simon’s family, meanwhile, stormed out of court in tears, with his sister saying, that he “was murdered in cold blood.”  “If the shoe was on the other foot my brother wouldn’t have gotten bail or bond or nothing,” she said.  (read more)

Unfortunately, there is a racial component to this as blacks and Latinos have historically been two groups with friction between them.   Then overlay the black grievance industry, and the last decade of efforts to excuse any amount of criminal conduct by black males, and the narrative becomes very familiar.  It’s the “Safari Principle.”

Essentially, the rules of the safari say you should remain indoors, or in a locked vehicle, when there are predators (young black males) in the vicinity.  If you exit your vehicle in the safari, or otherwise engage the predators, they are not to blame for your injury or death.  This social acceptance of black violence is part of the reparations process advanced by progressives and leftists.

Under the rules of the safari, you are not allowed to defend yourself from any predatory attack, and all attacks are triggered by the behavior of the victim when the attack starts.  Famously another Latino named George Zimmerman was arrested by an activist prosecutor in Florida for defending himself against an attack by a black male named Trayvon Martin.

Police Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson Missouri also learned the rules of the safari when he was attacked by another black male named Michael Brown.  Wilson shot and killed Brown after the predator attacked him in his vehicle; however, Wilson was run out of town by angry mob who wanted him arrested for defending himself and doing his job.

As the Safari Rules have continued to evolve under the culturally Marxist advancements by Black Lives Matter, the current rules emphasize that all black male predators are to be excused for their violent behavior immediately and no self-defense is permitted.

Mr. Jose Alba has now entered into the Safari Rules legal process.

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