Biden Approval Plummets to 18 Percent with Latino Voters After Comparing Them to Breakfast Tacos

Posted originally on the conservative tree house July 20, 2022 | sundance

The “breakfast taco” comparison was declaration heard loud and clear amid a Latino/Hispanic population already unhappy with the economic and social destruction the Biden administration has unleashed.

While it is not surprising to see a culture based on faith, family and tradition, become upset with policies that have a direct and immediate impact on their quality of life, it is surprising to see how much the Latino voting place has shifted.  A new Quinnipiac poll [DATA HERE], notably a very left leaning political survey operation, shows just how far the Biden administration has plummeted:

Overall approval for Joe Biden is now only 18% amid Latinos, with 69% disapproving and 49% strongly disapproving.

Things get worse when you look at opinions of Joe Biden and his handling of the economy.

66% of overall Americans disapprove of the way Joe Biden is handling the economy.  That number rises to 72% amid Latino adults.

Keep in mind this polling is very skewed.  You can see how skewed it is when the #1 concern for Democrats in the survey is “gun violence” (22%), the number two concern is “abortion” (14%) and then inflation and the economy comes in third place at 14%.

No other poll has inflation and the economy in third place amid any group. It is the #1 concern across every group polled.   Somehow Quinnipiac was able to generate a poll where guns and abortion (the ideological narratives) ranks higher than the economy as “the most urgent issue.”


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