Subtle, But Valuable – Senator Rick Scott Pushes Back Against Arrogance of Senate DeceptiCons

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on September 1, 2022 | Sundance

Former Governor of Florida Rick Scott, the current head of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, has taken some hits in the past for his go-along-get-along persona.  However, in an op-ed today the Florida Senator pushes back against the DeceptiCon influence.

It is refreshing to see a republican politician taking the arrogance of the McConnell crew to task.  It is even more refreshing to see Senator Scott use the atomic sledgehammer of truth:

[…] …”when you complain and lament that we have “bad candidates,” what you are really saying is that you have contempt for the voters who chose them. Now we are at the heart of the matter.  Much of Washington’s chattering class disrespects and secretly (or not so secretly) loathes Republican voters.”

[read op-ed Here]

Perhaps, Senator Scott recognizes the intention of the McConnell clan, an intention that runs counter to the responsibility of his job as chairman of the NRSC.   It is a matter of factual accuracy that McConnell and his DeceptiCon wing do indeed have contempt for the voters within the republican party.  This larger truth has been very visible for many years.

It’s good to see someone from inside the upper chamber start to call them out.   Unfortunately, if history serves a roadmap for the reaction from the DeceptiCons, Scott will likely be cast into the same furnace of hate previously occupied by Senator Jim DeMint.

In the interim, he has my full support.  Thank you, Senator Scott…. More please.

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