CBS Economic Gaslighting Example, Face the Nation Pretends Not to Know Joe Biden Energy Policy Driving Higher Prices

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on September 18, 2022 | Sundance

“Gaslighting” is essentially a term used to describe an abuser continually lying to victim in order to make the victim misbelieve reality.

Economic “gaslighting” is a process of lying about the nature of true cause in order to continue advancing the abusive policy.

Combine the economic gaslighting with the historic leftist approach of pretending not to know things, and you get this dynamic on CBS Face the Nation today.  In this brief segment describing inflation, we see all the classic strategies deployed by ideological media.

First, notice they blame: (1) the pandemic recovery, (2) consumer demand, (3) Ukraine, and (4) a supply chain ‘muddle’.  Not only are these issues ridiculous, but none of them are the cause of supply side inflation.  Blaming “consumer demand,” which has transparently collapsed for the last year, is beyond nonsense.  WATCH, and also pay attention to the graphics they use to manipulate the audience:

The true cause of inflation, and yes that includes ‘global inflation‘, is the collective western economy jump into climate change energy policy known as “build back better.”  Stopping the use of oil, gas and coal as the source for cheap energy, has resulted in every element of the inflation they outline.

As an outcome of their ideology, the central banks of the western economies are now trying desperately to lower economic activity to reduce energy consumption.  The goal is to lower human activity to the point where windmills and solar farms can sustain it.  Everything else is pretending.


Notice the synergy between the western economies who are following the Build Back Better climate change instructions from the World Economic Forum (yellow map) to the actions of the central banks who are trying to support the political agenda (blue map).

Coming out of the pandemic, western oil, coal and gas energy development was blocked.  Immediately energy prices skyrocketed, driving up the costs of everything.  Using the justification of “too much demand” the central banks (including the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank) are raising interest rates to lower the need for energy.

Western political leaders are pretending this is not a collective intention.

This is all being done by specific design.

Controlling a global population; controlling human activity; is the collective goal.

Show me the powerful political voice who will stop pretending and call this process out directly, and I will show you the most powerful global politician in history of the modern world.

…Who is John Galt?

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