Connecting Things – Konnech Election Compromise, CCP Infiltration, CEO Arrest, True The Vote and Recent Deep State Misinformation Efforts

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on October 10, 2022 | Sundance 

Major Hat Tips to Rasmussen [link], Kanekoa News [link] and Catherine Englebrecht of True the Vote [link].

CTH often says don’t get so close to any granules that you miss the big picture.  Rasmussen Reports has drawn attention to that big picture, the timeline tells the story, and with recent announcements about ‘misinformation’ and ‘disinformation’ triggers, it is worth putting the details of the entire dynamic into context.  I would consider all these issues easily connected.

First, it is important to note how the public impression is constructed using the affiliations and relationships CTH continually points out.  When the FBI/DOJ need to get out in front of an issue they use the New York Times (and Politico) to establish the defensive and offensive narrative.   [The State Dept use CNN, and the CIA use the Washington post] These are constants in an ever-changing world of information warfare.

♦On October 3rd New York Times journalist Stuart Thompson writes a hit piece against Catherine Englebrecht and True The Vote, written to cast their election review efforts as conspiracy theories. [link]

♦24 hours later, October 4th, the CEO of  Konnech – a company specializing in proprietary PollChief software to manage election workers – was arrested. [link] Konnech Corporation Chief Executive Officer Eugene Yu was arrested for exploiting access to U.S. election data, including election worker information, and transferring the files to China.

I guarantee journalist Stuart Thompson was used as a tool by FBI officials who knew the arrest was forthcoming.  Essentially, the arrest of Eugene Yu was based on the exact claims of Chinese datamining that Catherine Englebrecht and Gregg Phillips had been outlining since late 2020.  [link] The FBI was/is working to diffuse the truth of U.S. election compromises that True the Vote has been outlining.

After the arrest of Eugene Yu (October 6th) the New York Times had to try and hide their useful work and affiliation on behalf of the political FBI by posting this update.  The transparency of the coordinated effort is brutally obvious:

Editors’ Note, Oct. 6: After this article was published, the chief executive of Konnech, Eugene Yu, was arrested in connection with an investigation into the possible theft of personal information about poll workers. In communications with The Times for this article, neither Mr. Yu nor a spokesman for Konnech said that the company was the subject of an investigation. They also asserted that all the company’s data was stored on servers in the United States; prosecutors in Los Angeles, who brought the charges against Mr. Yu, said that they had found some company data stored on servers in China. The Times is continuing to report on this story. (link)

A familiar pattern: (1) Write a requested ‘conspiracy theory’ hit piece.  (2) Immediately watch the reality of the next event confirm the ‘conspiracy theory’.  (3) Attempt to recover credibility after the disinfecting sunlight exposes the motive of the effort.  This is what ideological narrative engineers do in their relationships with the corrupt system operators within government.

The FBI takes the information provided by True The Vote, assembles the evidence that supports the claims by the voting integrity watchdog, then takes the information up to the DC FBI leadership and almost immediately the switch is triggered.  True The Vote now becomes the target of the political FBI.  We have watched this outline numerous times, only this example is brutally obvious.

So, we have Chinese Communist Party (CCP) infiltration -via software exploitation- into U.S. election systems and databases.   That’s the bottom line.

Additionally, the FBI is covering up the issue and trying to deflect from the severity of the problem (perhaps to them it is not a problem) by hiding the truth.  Once again, the FBI is weaponized against what they consider “domestic threats,” honest Americans.  Yeah, we have a major institutional problem, and the corruption is metastatic.

It is then appropriate to add another ‘big picture’ layer to the issue….

…Nothing has been done to correct the election integrity issue.  With the U.S. midterm elections taking place only a month after this explosive development unfolds, there is nothing visible to reflect any emergency action has been taken to mitigate the compromise.  Which takes us to the latest issue.

Big Tech, Social Media and even electronic payment processors (PayPal) start beating the drums about using their vast power to target anyone who they would identify as pushing ‘misinformation‘ and/or ‘disinformation‘ about the 2020 election itself.

Now, this latest round of service term updates (2022) should be contextualized against the November 2020 service term updates which included targeting for any individual, site or content that questioned U.S. election integrity.

Put it together, stand back and you can make a solid argument the private sector institutions that are in alignment with corrupt government efforts are proactively positioning to shut down anyone who will research and outline the flawed and/or manipulated outcomes in the 2022 midterm elections.   We have the 2020 background -and major social media purge- as context.

I’m not sure what the solution is, but everyone needs to be on high alert at a precinct level in this election.

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