Itching for Another Conflict, Biden Regime Turns Toward North Korea

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on November 3, 2022 | Sundance

According to U.S. Pentagon officials and representatives of South Korea, the North Korean military tested another intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBN).

The ICBM was fired around 7:40 a.m. local time from close to Pyongyang’s Sunan area and is seen as a provocation by the Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and South Korea’s (ROK) Minister of National Defense Lee Jong-sup.

During a Pentagon press conference, no one in media seemed to be puzzled about the timing of North Korea’s ICBM test or the conspicuously convenient ROK Defense Secretary Lee Jon-sup being in Washington DC.  Apparently, as the story is told, Jon-sup’s visit was just an odd coincidence, I digress.

The contrast is stark, yet no one in the media will ever point it out.  During President Trump’s term in office the Republic of Korea (South) and the Democrat People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK, North), were not in conflict.  There was even widespread discussion of a peaceful unification of the Korean peninsula between Chairman Kim Jong-un and President Moon Jae-in.

During the Trump administration, there were no tensions as President Trump brought the two Korea’s together and brokered both sides in the direction of sustainable peace. President Trump leveraged his own position, and the economic strength of the U.S. to weaken the influence of China upon the DPRK and Trump created breathing room for Kim and Jae-in to remove conflict.  Fast forward two years later and suddenly they are in conflict again.  What changed? Joe Biden.

The DPRK is a proxy province of China, and Beijing leverages their control within North Korea to achieve strategic geopolitical objectives.  All other presidents before Donald Trump played an international game of pretending not to know China controls North Korea.  Chairman Kim is a hostage to the influence of Chairman Xi.  Kim walks a very tenuous tightrope with Xi’s regime constantly over his shoulder and almost certainly in control of the DPRK military.

When you understand this reality, you understand the ridiculous nature of the talking point about North Korea “working toward” nuclear weapons.  North Korea has nuclear weapons, because the DPRK nuclear weapons are Chinese.  An ICBM does not get fired from North Korea without Beijing giving the order.  President Trump understood this dynamic and worked to remove the pressure point from Chairman Kim.  By confronting China (economically and geopolitically), Trump provided the peace for both Koreas.

Chairman Xi Jinping knew that President Trump was working to remove his influence over Chairman Kim.  However, facing toward the rest of the world Chairman Xi could never do anything publicly to counteract this situation because it is part of the panda mask strategy for China to deny having that influence.  President Trump leveraged China’s denials of influence against Beijing by forming a direct relationship with Chairman Kim.

As the game was astutely played by Trump, if China has no influence, then China should welcome peace between the ROK and DPRK.  Trump flipped the pretending dynamic and forced Beijing to pretend they had no control.  It was amazing to watch how Trump pulled that off, quite remarkable.

North Korea is a proxy province of China in the southeast Asian region the same way Ukraine is a proxy province of the United States in western Europe.

When North Korea fires an ICBM, it’s really China firing a warning shot against the U.S. in Southeast Asia.  The U.S. under the Biden administration returns to the era of pretending and pretends publicly not to know this…. because the Biden administration, and previous UniParty administrations’, are enmeshed with the Chinese government.

The individual wealth of U.S. politicians is directly tied to Chinese business interests.  China isn’t stupid and maintains this financial dependency, where U.S. politicians make money from Chinese ventures, in order to extend Beijing’s influence and control over larger global initiatives.

If Americans knew that U.S. politicians were purchased by China, more people would start asking questions about this illusion of conflict between China and the USA.

WASHINGTON – North Korea’s use of a nuclear weapon “will” result in the end of Kim Jong Un’s regime, the United States and South Korea warned in a joint statement from the defense leaders of the allied nations.

Republic of Korea Minister of National Defense Lee Jong-sup met with Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin at the Pentagon on Thursday, and they released a joint communique following the meeting. Their meeting came hours after the North conducted an intercontinental ballistic missile test, in addition to a couple of other missile tests. The day prior, the North Korean military launched roughly two dozen missiles in an unprecedented barrage.

“The secretary and minister strongly condemned the DPRK’s escalatory activities and violations of United Nations Security Council resolutions, including ballistic missile test launches, multiple rocket launches, and firing of coastal artillery and called upon the international community to hold the DPRK responsible for its actions,” the communique said. “Both sides also expressed concern that the DPRK’s ongoing efforts to develop nuclear and ballistic missile capabilities, as well as its escalatory rhetoric regarding the use of tactical nuclear weapons, and its proliferation activities.”

The two leaders decided to extend the joint military exercises dubbed Operation Vigilant Storm to “further bolster our readiness and interoperability,” Austin explained. He also called the missile tests “destabilizing to the region” and called on Pyongyang to “cease that type of activity and to begin to engage in serious dialogue.” (read more)

What a difference less than two years makes….

Under President Donald Trump there were direct talks and peace….

Under Joe Biden there is regional conflict and talk of nuclear war….

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