Hitch Yer’ Wagon – The Club Branding of Ron DeSantis Continues, and The Transparency is a Little Funny

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on November 5, 2022 | Sundance 

Tomorrow, Sunday November 6th, President Trump will be holding a rally in Miami-Dade, Florida, for the slate of republican candidates.  All of the main republican candidates, including both Florida senators, who rely on the diverse America-First MAGA movement for election victories will be there…. Except Ron DeSantis.

Now, I get it. I mean, I understand why the people managing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis cannot have their principle appearing at a MAGA rally to receive the endorsement of President Trump, an almost certain 2024 candidate they are planning to challenge a few months later.  However, I get it because I see the roadmap they’ve laid in front of him; a roadmap he is following.

But again, it takes a level of intellectual honesty to accept the basic point that if Ron DeSantis was not planning to run for higher office, or at least leave that option available, there is nothing to lose for DeSantis to appear with Trump.  The only downside to attending the Miami MAGA rally is if DeSantis would want to challenge President Trump a few months later.  Honesty is the cornerstone of accepting things as they are, not as we would wish them to be.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will not be at the Miami-Dade County Fair and Exposition Center, because the team managing Ron DeSantis national branding campaign don’t want him there.

Since July/Aug {Go Deep} the new management in charge of DeSantis have been positioning him as the Trump alternative, the more acceptable republican candidate, ie. the club candidate

Instead, the republican club and Wall Street financed “Friends of Ron DeSantis” superPAC ($150+ million) have organized another optical event in the much deeper red, Southwest Florida (advertisement left) [LINK HERE].

Notice who is paying for the DeSantis event.  Parker Yancey McCollum is an American Americana and country singer-songwriter based in Texas, and if you follow the granular details of the GOPe branding effort, you might notice the DeSantis management team have deployed the strategy of hitching the governor’s wagon to popular music stars [Luke Bryan example].

This specific branding approach is familiar to professional political consultants and those who follow the deep weeds around ‘imaging’ in political campaigns.  The objective is to use the popularity of the Hollywood or music star as a draw for the crowd.  The managed politician benefits from the optical illusion of a large crowd gathered to support the candidate.

The image and branding approach is useful in avoiding a campaign event at a venue where the crowd doesn’t show up, which looks horrible for the candidate.

While President Donald Trump rallies the MAGA movement in Miami-Dade, specifically going to the formerly deep blue region to drive the proverbial stake through the heart of the left-wing political machine in Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis will hold court within deep red southwest Florida, using Parker McCollum to hopefully offset the optics of DeSantis absence at the MAGA rally.

Rising country music star Parker McCollum was not scheduled to perform in SWFL [Schedule Here] and the DeSantis event is advertised, promoted and financed by the GOPe SuperPac ‘Friends of Ron DeSantis’.   The motives and intents being the DeSantis branding and management team remain clear to those with eyes to see.

To emphasize… Governor Ron DeSantis is a good governor, a good manager, well liked and should be well supported by the Florida voting base.   There are several large issues for Florida that voters are counting on Governor DeSantis and the Florida legislature to tackle quickly in 2023.

Florida has a major housing crisis combined with a serious issue of unaffordable insurance rates crushing the finances of Florida residents.   For many Floridians their homeowner’s insurance costs, now the highest in the nation, are equal to -or higher than- their mortgage payments, and it’s getting worse.  Energy costs have skyrocketed and that is making overall inflation that much more impactful.

The costs to live in Florida are putting an even more severe burden on those with a fixed income.  All of the working-class residents and retirees in Florida are feeling the issue, and there are things the state can do to help.

Charlie Crist would be an absolute nightmare scenario for Florida, but thankfully his hopes of election victory next week are virtually nil.  That is a good thing.

Florida needs Governor DeSantis to focus on Florida.

We are at a very critical juncture in the state and there are some major decisions that need to be made about the future of the state.

The national GOPe club looking to leverage Governor Ron DeSantis as the more acceptable alternative to Donald Trump’s America-First economic platform in 2024, are in a general sense selfish billionaire Wall Street and multinational types [Example].

That said, if in midyear 2023 the professional financial and political class leverage their donations to Ron DeSantis to abandon his post in order to help them nationally combat the MAGA agenda…. DeSantis will not only lose the contest for the republican presidential nomination, but he will also destroy his political career in an instant.

I know the DeSantis national management and branding team read here, so be forewarned.  Step out of your cocktail class donor bubble for a few weeks and listen to the people who matter.  If you push the principal to repay the $200+ million in donations by attempting to combat the MAGA agenda – you, your candidate, and his tenuously constructed reputation will be destroyed.

Wisdom would dictate that Governor Ron DeSantis work on the critical economic issues for Florida that will have ramifications and impacts for many years forward.  Prove himself skilled at large economic problem solving, and then position your principal to receive the support and appreciation of the hometown MAGA base for 2028….

….But step into the national arena for 2024 and DeSantis will be destroyed by angered MAGA like a feather in a hurricane.


WASHINGTON DC – […] Save America PAC raised a total of $24.7 million during the third quarter— a 38% increase from the second quarter. A source familiar with the fundraising told Fox News that 98.8% of those donations totaled less than $200 each.

Trump raised $10.2 million in August after the FBI’s unprecedented raid on his private residence at Mar-a-Lago—the most Save America PAC had raised in a month since Trump was in office. (link)

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