Trump -vs- DeSantis, a Shiny Thing to Set Aside

Posted originally on the conservative tree house November 13, 2022 | Sundance

The old axiom where someone yells, “look over there folks, shiny things“… as a process of distraction, is entirely apropos of how corporations that are running our current election systems are using the Trump -v- DeSantis discussion; with the backdrop of the 2022 midterm election as context.

So, before moving forward to the heart of what we are being distracted from, check out this article from David Solwayhe’s correct.  Unless and until the critical issue of “votes” -vs- “ballots” is corrected, pushing DeSantis into the war against the administrative state is akin to throwing a decent general into a lost war.

[…] “In a rigged electoral system, no Republican candidate, not even DeSantis, can be expected to win a national election. DeSantis cruised to victory in Florida because, as governor of the state, he had the means and the authority to ensure a clean election. But he would be helpless against a massive crime organization, aka the Democrat Party, which effectively controls the electoral infrastructure, the physical apparatus, the paid loyalty of election workers, and the federal agencies that oversee the process. If the system is not repaired and made answerable to the people, there will never be a Republican president again.” (READ MORE)

The presumption within the article is that DeSantis is not a participating member of the corporate control system, which, despite the eloquence of the article word assembly, I am not quite willing to accept; especially, with our long history of research into how the administrative state operates proactively to control the levers of power.

However, that said…. let us assume that Deep State operatives from the U.S. State Dept and coordinated globalist operations, in combination with multinational corporations and Wall Street financing, are just accidental to the political orbit of the Florida Governor… and if the assumption of altruistic intent is the guiding naiveté I am requested to accept, then the framework of the author’s prediction is entirely accurate.

Either way, until we address the 800lb gorilla in the room of intentional mass distribution of state and federal election ballots, to low agency or non-existent recipients, for early gathering, trying to amass enough ‘votes’ to defeat a large scale and industrial ‘ballot’ gathering operation is futile.

“The main issue is ballot harvesting [legal gathering] and no-excuse universal mail in ballots. Republicans need to spend big cultivating harvesting operations in key districts across the country where it’s legal until they have enough power to outlaw it, along with no-excuse mail ins.”

[…] Remember, a ballot isn’t the same as a vote and the Democrats GOTV machine know this much better than Republicans seem to. Not saying it’s right, but it’s reality and we can’t live in fantasy land. [Tweet Thread]

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