Governor Ron DeSantis Responds to Questions About Donald Trump by Focusing on His State Level Accomplishments

Posted originally on the conservative tree house November 15, 2022

During a press conference earlier today, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was asked about the potential for conflict between him and President Donald Trump as cast against the 2024 election.

I’m not going to inject too much opinion into the answers as presented, because the Florida Governor is remaining coy with his 2024 intention.  While all of the indicators are clearly visible that DeSantis has been participating on the 2024 operation since July this year, it would be against his management team interests for Floridians to see him admitting to an early exit.  WATCH:


The management team around DeSantis need him to remain cloistered, while the media and advocacy machinery they have constructed (and continue to finance) does the attacking against MAGA leader Donald Trump.  If the Big Club discussions were to surface publicly, the bloom would quickly fall from the ruse.

Just keep watching, and we will keep pointing out the connections.

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