Republican Thomas Massie Gives Voters Excellent Example of How and Why the Overton Window Moves

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on November 28, 2022 | Sundance

In a series of tweets today, Kentucky Representative Thomas Massie provides an excellent example of why and how government always grows.

The Overton Window is basically a catchphrase to explain a narrow spectrum of acceptable government policies at any given moment. As the nation evolves the window of what would be considered currently “acceptable’ moves.  In the example of the government continue to grow, the Overton Window constantly shifts toward leftist totalitarian objectives, bigger government.

The movement happens slowly – over time – but is never reversed.  Regardless of who controls power, the big government Overton Window always goes one way, one nudge at a time in one direction, toward bigger government.  People often ask, why does this continue to happen even after Republicans are elected?   Today, Thomas Massie accidentally gives us a perfect example of how and why.

When Democrats are in power, they do everything to maximize their power and minimize the influence of their Republican opposition.  However, when Republicans are in power, they do everything to minimize their power and maximize the power of their Democrat opposition, now in the minority.  Democrats in control, they maximize the Overton Window shift.  When Republicans are in power, they do nothing to pull it back – they actually do everything possible to maintain the shift.  LOOK:

Saul Alinsky wrote the rulebook for radical leftists saying, “force the opposition to play by their own rules.”  A seemingly abhorrent concept when the powered wig crowd of honorable constitutional republicans take control.

Sitting atop the high horse Massie explains how it is a matter of principle that Republicans should not use power.

We are in an abusive relationship with government.

Representatives like Thomas Massie likely have the best intention in mind, but the result is a constant loss of freedom in one direction.

The constitution was written as a document to be affirmed, executed and defended by honorable people.  The progressive movement uses the morality within the affirmation as a weapon.

In a similar way a kidnapper tells one of two victims, they will harm the other if they try to flee, radical leftists slowly kill us by manipulating our love of country and constitution.

We should no longer accept the baseline premise; instead, we should change the dynamic by killing the kidnapper.

Get off the high horse and fight Mr Massie.

There comes a time to ‘Fix Bayonets’!

Fight dirty.

Fight ruthlessly.

Fight to survive.

Fight like the third monkey on the ramp to Noah’s ark.

Fight to win.

Give your grandchildren the opportunity to remount the high horse and wax philosophically about the value of the constitution.

Then again, all of that only applies if you really believe the message…


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