Tucker Carlson Outlines the Unbridled Lust of Govt Officials for Power and Control

The Tucker Carlson monologue tonight takes on the issue of extreme government control over the smallest details of life under oppression and totalitarian outlooks amid those who control western democracies.  WATCH:


“We will not go gently into that bloody collectivist good night. Indeed, we will make with our defiance such a sound as ALL history from that day forward will be forced to note, even if they despise us in the writing of it.”  ~ Mike Vanderboegh

January 20, 2023 | Sundance

Are the Immigrants Part of the Decline & Fall?

Armstrong Economics Blog/Migraction Re-Posted Jan 3, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

The invasion of migrants, both in Europe and the United States, is evolving into a major crime wave not seen in decades. In Germany, Berlin looked like a war zone. There were 3,943 incidents, but when recuse workers arrived, they were deliberately attacked. Some 15 firefighters and 18 police officers were injured. The Bild newspaper has reported that these incidents were “particularly bad attacks in the hotspot neighborhoods of Kreuzberg and Neukölln with a high proportion of migrants.” They were setting up barricades, setting them on fire, and when the firefighters arrived, they were attacked by some 200 men. There were even attacking an ambulance, hurling objects inside the vehicle’s open rear doors.

I have been getting emails from people shocked here in the United States from towns that never had any homeless are suddenly inundated. This mass migration into Europe and the United States is reminiscent of the barbarian invasions into Rome. Rome officially fell in 476AD with the last emperor named Romulus Augustus (475-476AD).

The barbarians effectively took over and even issued coins pretending to be Roman. They imitated the Roman Coinage. There had even been laws passed insisting you only marry a Latin. Even to this very day, in Italy, they do not consider those in Sicily Italians in some parts. I had gone into a bakery in Rome and asked for a cannoli. The owner wanted to pull a knife on me yelling that’s not “Italian, it’s Sigii” meaning from Sicily.

These migrations are all part of the decline and fall. Just like in Rome, once that process began, there was no turning back. They bring a different culture that undermined the traditions that held society together creating a civilization that will no longer be. The migration of the 19th century from Europe to America did not take place because of welfare programs. People came to America for the land of opportunity to work and to buy property. They did not come looking for free money and then wage war and violence to out of frustration demanding every more free money.

FBI Reveals Seth Rich Computer Showed He May Have been The DNC Leaker

Armstrong Economics Blog/Conspiracy Re-Posted Dec 12, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

The entire story about the murder of Seth Rich, the DNC staffer who the “conspiracy theories” claimed that he was the one leaking DNC documents to Wikileaks. The mainstream media called that a conspiracy theory for the actual source was the hacking by the Russians. He was just gunned down and the police instead claimed he had been the victim of an attempted robbery that just went wrong. His parents were out to sue anyone who dared to claim their son was the leader of those documents. Of course, the passing of time always brings out the truth. The entire investigation into RussiaGate has shown that it was created by Hillary and promoted as the real story, which we now know was all fiction and in itself its own conspiracy theory that the mainstream press preferred to spread. Of course, if the mainstream press spread the story, then conspiracy theory is magically transformed into fact.

Seth Rich’s computer, in the possession of the FBI, showed the DNC staffer had relayed DNC documents to WikiLeaks. There never was any Russian interference by hacking the DNC computers for the 2016 election. Of course, that leak, Hillary maintained, cost her the election. Here we have the never-ending conspiracy theories of all the people who crossed Hillary were somehow dead. Seth Rich would neatly fit into that list. I for one as a parent, would not slander my son’s name, but perhaps look deeper and if he was the leaker, then the motive to have him killed would not be a fake robbery.

Vincent Walker Foster Jr. (1945–1993) was an American attorney who served as the Deputy White House Counsel and was under subpoena to testify. The popular fake story was that he was depressed and went to a park to commit suicide. I was told by sources in Congress that he was not killed in the park for (1) there was a piece of his head that was missing, and (2) they brought his car over 30 minutes later when they realized his car was back at the White House.

Instead of Seth’s parents trying to prevent anyone from suggesting their son was the leaker, perhaps they should consider that he was perhaps a patriot and try to expose what made him do that on behalf of his country. Wikipedia is a propaganda machine for the government. Even in college, Wikipedia is not a valid source for reference. The government directs what it is to say on anything that impacts their political agendas.

N.Y. residents work to expose election fraud

One America News Network Published originally on the CTH on December 9, 2022

A team of concerned New York volunteers say they are working to restore election integrity to the Empire State. One America’s New York Correspondent Caitlin Sinclair has more.

Flirting With the End Times?

Armstrong Economics Blog/Economics Re-Posted Dec 8, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

QUESTION: You have said you have backtested your ECM into ancient times. Have these cycles been consistent? Have you arrived at a conclusion as to why?

Thank you. It was a great WEC. I for one always lean a lot.


ANSWER: Yes, I have reconstructed the monetary system of the world using the coinage so it is possible to actually backtest to see how these cycles have prevailed for millennia. The debasement of the silver coinage. The reforms of Diocletian and how the bronze follis declined once more.

No matter where you look, you see the steady unfolding of a decline and fall of the monetary system. These people who think a return to the gold standard will somehow prevent corruption or inflation are just living in a dream world. When money was just a coin, inflation still existed. You cannot escape this – EVER!

My next book is to get this out ASAP. Here, I have backtested the model and I believe that this incorporates everything from climate, war, and human nature that is behind the rise and fall of civilizations throughout history. Naturally, academics will be against it because they do not want to accept that there is any regularity to the business cycle for that means that government does NOT have the power to manipulate society as Marx and Keynes told them.

We are clearly flirting with the end times insofar as the decline & fall of Western Culture. I have traced this back to ancient times and its regularity has been impressive.

Even the collapse of the Bronze Age Civilization was two times the 31.4-year intervals of the 51.6-year wave. You can feel it. We are tearing everything that held society together apart at the seams. Civilizations rise when everyone benefits. They fall when one group begins to exploit another. That is what is taking place right now.

DNC Moves to Align 2024 Primary Roadmap Using AME/BLM Model Constructed by Barack Obama Inc

Posted originally on the CTH on December 2, 2022 | Sundance

If you haven’t followed the granular details of how Barack Obama organized the AME Church Network (SC, Clyburn) with the BLM movement (GA, Abrams) in 2020 to control the democracy primary process, then the moves today to codify that approach will not be clear.

Once you understand what took place in the 2020 Democrat primary that saw all candidates fall in line behind Biden, according to the process that Obama initiated, then everything centered around the DNC moves today makes buckets of sense.

Despite how the media is presenting this, it is not Biden’s plan. This is Obama’s 2024 insider club roadmap, and it specifically includes the alignment of interests that he created in 2020 to remove the threat that Bernie Sanders represented.  More on that in a moment.  First, the DNC plan:

(Via Politico) – […] The DNC is on track to reshape its primary calendar after dissatisfaction with the traditional first state, Iowa, boiled over in 2020. Members of the party’s Rules and Bylaws Committee, charged with recommending a new calendar, gave a near-unanimous vote of approval on Friday for Biden’s proposal, with only minor tweaks to the dates and two ‘no’ votes from Iowa and New Hampshire members.

The revised proposal would see South Carolina host the first 2024 presidential primary on Feb. 3, a Saturday, followed three days later by New Hampshire and Nevada. Georgia would then hold an early primary on Feb. 13, and Michigan would hold its contest on Feb. 27. Iowa would be out of the early lineup altogether.  (read more)

These changes are all about keeping the corporate wing of the DNC in control and eliminating the influence of the momentum progressive candidates.  Just like the RNC wants MAGA destroyed, the DNC corporation wants control over the Bernie Sanders wing and democrat socialists.

Keep in mind, we wrote about this over two years ago, when Obama stepped into the 2020 primary to create the AME/BLM alignment.

Right before the 2020 SC Primary the DNC Club knew they had a problem with the Bernie Sanders momentum.  An urgent assembly of all party control officers was called. The DNC Club designed a plan around using James Clyburn as the official spark for Joe Biden to take back control of the primary outcome.  Barack Obama was instrumental.

♦ BACKGROUND – There is a history – a backstory – that only a small group of people genuinely understand.  The answers around this 2024 DNC change boil down to the less discussed issue of ideological camps and the modern alignment that has taken place over the past decade.  The most visible reference for the inflection point was the 2008 primary contest between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Throughout the first decade of this millennium there was an ideological shift, an inflection point, that became most clear in the rise of a little-known state representative who was appointed to become a Senator from Illinois, his name was Barack Obama.  In the background of Obama’s rise were the people who designed the modern political left. Those Obama creationists were/are hardline revolutionary communist types.

This RevCom group was comprised of the more radical elements of the progressive movement; those who wanted to “fundamentally change” the United States, and who have a very patient and methodical plan to do so.  Those elements took control by convincing the far-left labor movement to abandon the traditional Democrat apparatus and support a more radical approach.  The SEIU, AFSCME, AFL-CIO, UAW, UFCW and others were leveraged to this position through promised financial benefit if they went along.

Those groups became the more powerful ammunition needed by the radical community activist teams, which were entirely on the side of Obama.  Hillary Clinton’s first run for the presidency was crushed under the weight of the leverage all of the radicals aligned on the Obama side.  Clinton was only left with the option to support the extremists in exchange for support in 2016.

However, the support she received was not full-throated.  The ideological hatred that was created during the earlier inflection point, when the camps were at war, left scars.  Those scars never healed; and, quite frankly the radicals were not going to support someone they just didn’t like.

Radical foot soldiers operate best on feelings and emotions. Clinton just didn’t do it for them…  One by one the traditional democrat left was wiped out by the more extreme radical leftists.  [Remember the destruction of the Bart Supak “blue dogs”?]

Fast forward to today, very recently, and what we are seeing is the outcome of the Obama coalition in complete control over the internal club systems and political party apparatus.  It took some time for this takeover to matriculate.

We are there now…. and into this far-left soup of radical elements the new left-wing media is mixed.  The media are now activists for the radicals.  This is why there is a more brutally obvious bias present today that was not present before.  The bias was always present, but the scale of the ideological nature of the bias was not always as visible.  Today the ideological support is crystal clear.

Right before the 2020 SC Primary the DNC Club knew they had a problem with the Bernie Sanders momentum.  An urgent assembly of all party control officers was called. The DNC Club designed a plan around using James Clyburn as the official spark for Joe Biden to take back control of the primary outcome.

Barack Obama the figurative and ideological leader of the movement known as “Black Lives Matter”, and South Carolina Congressman James Clyburn, the figurative and ideological leader of the political construct within the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) church, struck a deal.

Obama and Clyburn really had no choice but to come to an agreement and form the alliance.  If they did not act fast, Bernie Sanders was gaining momentum, and they could not have Sanders at the top of the 2020 ticket, because he was too outside the club system which was now almost exclusively focused on racial identity as a tool for political power.

A Bernie Sanders -vs- Donald Trump general election would have been a disaster for both clubs.

To get rid of Sanders, BLM (based in Georgia) and AME (based in South Carolina) aligned.  This was the actual moment when Hillary Clinton was cast into the pit of irrelevance in Democrat politics.

Within the agreement, Obama and Clyburn selected Biden as the tool they could easily control to deliver on their larger, progressive, leftist intentions.  The only one told not to drop out yet was Elizabeth Warren, as she would be needed as the insurance policy, the splitter against Bernie Sanders.

Within 48 hours all members of the club and candidates had their instructions and proceeded to follow-through on the plan.  They had no choice.  If they did not comply, they would suffer the consequences of a fully aligned club hierarchy who would target them personally and financially.

The plan worked flawlessly.  A few days after their meeting James Clyburn endorsed Biden while Barack Obama began making phone calls telling each of the other candidates to drop out in sequence and support Biden or else the club would destroy them.

As part of the coordinated deal Representative James Clyburn was put in charge of the Biden campaign; Clyburn stunningly admitted this immediately after the strategy went public.  James Clyburn and Barack Obama also controlled the vice-presidential nominee.

Joe Biden has dementia. Everyone knows this to be true.  The Biden presidency is a front; a ruse, a manipulative scheme that needed a face in 2020. That’s Joe Biden.

In the background the DNC Club has been in full control of everything behind the scenes.  All policy is Club policy; and, specifically because of their importance in triggering the origin of the entire enterprise, the primary policy beneficiaries were the corporate donors, the AME church network and the BLM activists.

The new DNC primary contest map essentially codifies the control process and blocks any rogue non-club approved candidate from entering a challenge.   Only the corporate and club approved candidates will benefit from the changes.

(Politico) – […]  DNC Chair Jaime Harrison, who attended the meeting, also called the proposed early window a reflection “of the diversity of our party” and “a more equitable and accessible nomination process that puts our candidates in the best position to win.” Harrison is the former chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party.

But David McDonald, another longtime DNC member, did raise light concerns that the committee’s introduction of large states, including Michigan and Georgia, could “effectively [create] a bias toward certain kinds of candidates,” particularly those who enter a presidential primaries with significant financial resources, which would allow them to compete more effectively in expensive media markets. (link)