Mike Lindell Talks About Ongoing Effort to Become RNC Chair, Will Not Take a Paycheck if Successful

Posted originally on the CTH on December 14, 2022 | sundance 

Mike Lindell appears with Steve Bannon to talk about his progress so far contacting RNC members who will vote for the next chairmanship position in January. {Direct Rumble Link} Currently, Ronna McDaniel, Harmeet Dhillon and Mike Lindell are the top three candidates seeking to take control of the RNC chair position.

Ronna McDaniel is the current chair akin to Mitch McConnell (Tim Scott ’24), Harmeet Dhillon represents party interests in alignment with Kevin McCarthy (Ron DeSantis ’24), and Mike Lindell is the outsider voice in the MAGA lane.   WATCH:


President Trump has announced on Truth Social that he will be making an announcement about something tomorrow.  Perhaps President Trump is planning an endorsement for the RNC chair in this race.

Given the nature of the 2024 contest as it is being carried out by the schemes, plans and strategies of the background participants, I would love to see President Trump endorse Mr. Lindell and force the RNC into a position that would create a bigger potential for a second party to break through.

Let the club reject Lindell, sooner or later the Republican party needs to be fractured.  Continuing to work on reforming a party that connives for its own interest and hates the voting base is not sustainable.

The DNC wants power. The RNC wants money. The DNC uses money to get power. The RNC uses power to get money. The ideology of the DNC drives their donor activity. The donor activity of the RNC drives their ideology. This is the only current difference between the two clubs, two wings of the same vulture.

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