12.21.22: WE caught them ALL! AZ court, FTX, Weinstein, Brazil, Twit BOTS, Ukraine, Trump PRAY!

And We Know Published originally on Rumble on December 21, 2022

Director admits that if a 19 inch ballot image was put on a 20 inch paper in the 2022 general election it would be a failure of their election process. https://t.me/faithtruthhistory/3630

Kari Lake Election Hearing Livestream December 21, 2022
An evidentiary hearing in the Arizona election challenge of Kari Lake against Katie Hobbs http://rumble.com/v21r4bc-kari-lake-election-hearing-livestream-december-21-2022.html

Kari Lake says she confident in her lawyer who is a former Navy Seal. They have 5 hours to plead their case. She could put stuttering Katie Hobbs on the stand, but they’ll be focusing on Maricopa County. Gates and Richter will both take stand today. https://t.me/faithtruthhistory/3622

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