Interview: Can History Help Us Predict Market Cycles?

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Martin Armstrong, a true market maverick & innovator – ‘History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme’ M.Twain – a motto for the ages and closely linked to Martin Armstrong’s market and personal ethos, Martin’s Socrates platform is truly groundbreaking as is his Economic Confidence model, listen in and learn more – enjoy!

Poor Kids (documentary)

Armstrong Economics Blog/North America Re-Posted Apr 10, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

This documentary is extremely hard to watch but accurately depicts the hardships millions face in the modern industrialized world. We cannot turn a blind eye to the pain and suffering that poverty creates. This is happening today in the wealthiest country in the world.

Below is an update from the documentary that aired in 2012. There was a slight glimpse of hope when Obama left office and the economy improved under Trump. Still, the funds we send overseas are needed at home. Those with the least suffer the most when the economy turns down.

This a raw reminder to count your blessing on this Easter Monday.

The Blacklash against Indicting Trump Maybe Greater Than Anyone Thinks

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COMMENT #1: Mr. Armstrong,
As I watched the media coverage of Trump’s arraignment, not guilty plea, and release of the indictment with the charges I’ve concluded as you have been arguing that we have crossed the rubicon. The 34 counts of the indictment to my legally untrained mind read as the criminalization of standard politics. What political campaign doesn’t include hiring people to look out for potentially negative press and seeking to limit the candidate’s exposure? By this indictment’s standard, pretty much every political campaign is a criminal enterprise. This is insane. I’ve generally been more libertarian-leaning in my politics and didn’t vote for Trump and even I can see this is a joke. I’ll be voting for him if we get an election in 2024. Unfortunately for the rest of us it isn’t funny and essentially seals the fate of the nation going into 2027-28 as you’ve indicated. Thanks for keeping us informed during these tumultuous times.
All the best from East Texas,

COMMENT #2: Good evening Mr. Martin,

As I’m watching this Trump shitshow on live french tv I’m wondering…

It seems that he got out to free, waiting for the trial that won’t take place before the next election.
Can he still run for presidency?
If yes, the fact that he is not in jail, does this mean that the deep state has no choice but to go to war as soon as possible ?

By the way, the French minister of defense announced today that the limit age to be on the reserve army is now 70 years old… that alone is telling a lot !

Despite all this news, the cac40 and Dax are almost at their ath. It is a mystery for I was expecting the capital to go to the US already…

I wish you and your team the best! Keep up the amazing work for this is the only light at the end of the tunnel, and it is not a fret train this time 😉



REPLY: I can’t even count all the emails coming one. Many are from those who never voted for Trump and all say that they would now vote for him in 2024. I myself must admit that I had thought Trump had gone past the “Best by Date” but instead of this hurting Trump, it seems to be boosting his support. When I look at the computer and even just the chart patterns, we can easily see that the Democrats are in a major decline and they have not even reached the Downtrend Line where as the Republicans have broken through.

Even the Arrays showed an important Directional Change in 2023. This indictment of Trump is outrageous and it will backfire on the Democrats according to the computer – NOT my personal opinion.

Mark Levin, “They are Going to Make a Martyr for Liberty Out of Donald Trump”

Posted originally on the CTH on April 4, 2023 | Sundance

President Trump drew attention to this segment on his Truth Social account. {Direct Rumble Link} I’m glad he did.

Mark Levin had some good points and some righteous anger to highlight during his appearance on Sean Hannity.  Even if you are Old Yeller averse like me, you might like to see his perspective on the Trump indictment.  WATCH:  

RSBN Livestream From New York City

Posted originally on the CTH on April 4, 2023 | Sundance 

RSBN broadcast team LIVE from New York City as President Donald J. Trump is expected to surrender himself to New York prosecutors after being indicted by a grand jury last week. Protests against and rallies in support of Trump are expected and RSBN will bring you wall-to-wall coverage of the entire day’s events. {Direct Rumble Link}

There is also a Reuters Link below

Why America Will Lose this War As every one Since WWII

Armstrong Economics Blog/Neocons Re-Posted Mar 30, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

A number of people have asked why does Socrates say that the United States will lose this war. One states: “The standalone American firepower without UK/ France, etc, itself is tremendous. How does Socrates say that America will lose the war? It may lose financially. The Chinese have the worst track record in any war.” Perhaps I should just say, cyclically – it’s just TIME.

The Neocons are in charge of this war. They are trying conventionally for their constant goal of REGIME CHANGE. They are doing what Khrushchev had threatened Communism would win and we will bury you. This is their mantra and they think forcing a Republican form of government upon the rest of the world will bring peace. Those were the dreams of Hitler and Napoleon as well. Communism collapsed because it is simply unsustainable. Nevertheless, the Neocons have never backed down. They objected to Reagan even meeting with Gorbehev saying you can never trust Russians.

The Neocons have pushed endless wars for their hatred. They have NEVER won a single war. The US has lost EVERY war post WWII. Korea was a standoff, and Vietnam, along with Afghanistan were all losses and for what? They remove Saddam Husein and unleashed ISIS where Saddam kept the religious fanatics in check. Their theory was to remove all dictators in the Middle East and that would bring peace to Israel. They supplied arms and that led to the overthrow of Quadaffi in Libya and they were trying the same in Syria.

Now Nukes are no longer a deterrent when you are playing with nuclear powers. They have used Ukraine as cannon fodder to weaken Russia and they hope they can then invade under any excuse and conquer Russia, which has been their end goal for decades. They bank on that they can defeat Russia and it will never go nuclear. I am flabbergasted by some of these Neocons and their sheet hatred of the Russian people like Adam Kinzinger who proclaims we can defeat Russia in 3 days. I suppose we could then turn and defeat China perhaps in 5 days. These people play with the lives of innocent civilians and send other people’s sons and daughters to war to be sacrificed for their personal hatred. The claim Putin is evil but never look in the mirror to see the hatred in their own eyes.

Robert McNamara (1916 – 2009) was a leading Neocon that pushed the country into the Vietnam war.  He was famous for saying: “I learned early on never answer the question that is asked of you. Answer the question that you wish had been asked of you. And quite frankly, I follow that rule. It’s a very good rule.”

Before he died, he finally admitted that they were wrong particularly in their assessment of Russia as a threat. The perception that Russia is a threat is still dominating the agenda today. The propaganda that Putin is a KGB guy who wants to re-establish the Soviet Empire is absurd. In the 22 years that he has been in power, he has neither tried to re-establish communism nor has he sought to retake the old Soviet states like Poland, the Czech Republic, or even Ukraine. The same claims today about Russia are the very same ones that justified Vietnam.

Apparently, McNamara died with the guilt of sacrificing 58,000 Americans on the Neocon altar of war for at the end of his life, he admitted they were wrong. They are NOT Americans. They DO NOT serve American interests. They only serve their own International interests and are dragging countries into endless wars and carnage.

While these neocons only focus on war, they are destroying the United States economy. They are pouring money into this undeclared war on Russia when in fact the Constitution states that ONLY Congress can declare war – not the President. The United States will lose the war, and we are losing our title of Financial Capital of the World. Just as WWI & WWII took that title away from Britain, WWII will take it from the United States and hand it squarely into the arms of China.

Than the warmongering Neocons for destroying your future all because of their personal hatred.

Pulling No Punches – Senator Ted Cruz Accuses DHS Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas of Facilitating Child Rape and Sex Trafficking

Posted originally on the CTH on March 28, 2023 | Sundance 

In a scorching round of questioning today, Texas Senator Ted Cruz confronts Dept of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas about the immigration crisis at the U.S. southern border.

During one segment of the questioning, Senator Cruz holds up the color-coded wrist bands that are worn by illegal aliens as smuggled to the border by Mexican cartels.  Cruz then confronts Mayorkas about the rape and sex trafficking that is required in order to pay the cartels.  Mayorkas sits jaw agape as Senator Cruz accuses him directly of facilitating child rape and sexploitation.  WATCH:


Full Sean Hannity Interview With President Donald Trump – Video

Posted originally on the CTH on March 27, 2023 | Sundance

With a myriad of key and important issues facing the nation, including the fraudulent indictments being presented against President Trump, Fox News host Sean Hannity invites Trump onto his show so the President can listen to Hannity talk about them. {Direct Rumble Link}  WATCH:

Liz Harrington – As The Awakening Continues, MAGA Continues to Grow

Posted originally on the CTH on March 25, 2023 | Sundance

President Trump Chief Spokesperson Liz Harrington appears on the Steve Bannon War Room to discuss the status of the America First movement. {Direct Rumble Link}

As Harrington accurately notes, the people who build stuff, create stuff, innovate and bring physical stuff into reality, these are the people within the MAGA movement.  The esoteric pontificating thinkers, the politicians, those only contribute opinion to the system of creation, are not connected to MAGA or worthy of consideration.  WATCH:

Liz Harrington: The corrupt elites are selling us out and destroying us in the process.


Bannon also gave a big picture overview below.