Lee Smith and Matt Taibbi Outline Details Around How the FBI Infiltrated Twitter

Posted originally on the CTH on January 7, 2023 | Sundance 

While everyone was focused on the House Speaker battle this week, a few interesting stories were overwhelmed and deserve to be revisited.

Matt Taibbi released Twitter File drop #12 (IC Infiltration) and Twitter File Drop #13 (FBI Specifics) using information from his access to the internal documents of the social media platform.   Additionally, columnist Lee Smith wrote an excellent and extensive outline showing the arc of the FBI involvement in social media, as specifically centered around former FBI Legal Counsel James Baker.

[Lee Smith Article Here]

In the Taibbi release (Twitter File #12) he outlines how Senate Select Committee Vice-Chair Mark Warner was instrumental in framing a media narrative that boxed in Twitter, forcing them to allow the intelligence apparatus through the front door.

Within the Russiagate and intelligence state storyline, the one person who has not been given enough scrutiny is Senate Mark Warner.  In fact, Warner was elevated to his position inside the SSCI in January of 2017 specifically as an outcome of the 2016 election.  Senator Warner replaced Senator Dianne Feinstein with the specific mission to coverup the committee involvement in 2016 election operations.

As noted by Taibbi, “In September, 2017, after a cursory review, Twitter informed the Senate it suspended 22 possible Russian accounts, and 179 others with “possible links” to those accounts, amid a larger set of roughly 2700 suspects manually examined. Receiving these meager results, a furious Senator Mark Warner of Virginia – ranking Democrat on the Intelligence Committee – held an immediate press conference to denounce Twitter’s report as “frankly inadequate on every level.”

However, what Taibbi doesn’t outline is the frontside story of Warner’s purpose throughout 2017.

Senator Warner’s activities involved two parallel tracks.  (1) to cover for the SSCI operation that led up to the 2016 election: and then (2) to continue the Trump-Russia narrative as an attack weapon against the Trump administration. Within 2017 and 2018 all of Mark Warner’s activity was conducted with those two overarching objectives in mind.

In the period between January and May 2017 Warner’s goal was to get a Special Counsel installed.  After the Mueller appointment, Warner then shifted to providing fuel for the media to assist the Weissmann/Mueller special counsel narrative.  Taibbi’s article about Warner and Twitter is hitting on the latter part of that agenda in the fall of 2017.

Basically, the intelligence community and the Senate Intel Committee that facilitates them, wanted all of the various social media platforms to join their Trump-Russia creation.  Twitter couldn’t find any evidence of Russian propaganda activity, so the intelligence community manufactured it and then used the media as a weapon to make Twitter admit to a situation that didn’t exist.

While the SSCI was manufacturing this narrative through social media pressure, Weissmann and Mueller began pushing dubious accusations -even some indictments- against weird Russian entities including the now infamous Concord Catering group.   The indictments themselves were based on complete nonsense, promoted via press releases and media statements and then sealed within the DOJ National Security Division.

The Russia election interference claims were never intended to reach a courtroom, they were created by the special counsel purely for public consumption.  That’s also why Senator Warner was so focused on controlling WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.   In order to retain the fraud about the Russians hacking the DNC servers, the intelligence community needed to keep a bag over Assange.   Mark Warner using covert communication to Adam Waldman, a pro-bono lawyer for Assange, was part of that effort.

They all knew the Trump-Russia narrative was a fraud, but that narrative was the tool they were using to coverup everything that happened before the 2016 election.  The Trump-Russia narrative was part of the bigger fraudulent construct to justify a variety of schemes including the investigation of President Trump and the removal of Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor.

Maintaining the Trump-Russia narrative was ultimately the objective of Senator Warner and pressure was put upon traditional media and social media to retain it.

Senator Mark Warner and the FBI officials who manufactured the Trump-Russia ruse, were leaking to the media.  The FBI officials who transferred into the Weissmann/Mueller special counsel were also retaining that ruse.  Any individual or evidence that would expose the Trump-Russia ruse as a fraudulent construct of the intelligence apparatus was considered a threat.

With Weissmann and crew in charge of the DOJ National Security Division, and the FBI counterintelligence operations as they pertained to Russia, all of the elements to retain fraud were in place.  The DOJ-NSD then delivered false attestations to the FISA Court to retain the premise.

Mark Warner was selling the narrative from his position as SSCI Vice-Chair, while people like Dan Jones, Adam Waldman and Fusion GPS were spinning fabricated evidence to media that was supported by FBI and Intel Community leaks.  It was all one big propaganda push in one direction and Senator Mark Warner was a big part of it.

It wasn’t until very late in December 2017 and January 2018 when we began to see real evidence that all of these stories were being manufactured from within the DOJ, FBI and SSCI.   That’s when people found out about Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Nellie and Bruce Ohr, and a variety of DOJ and FBI officials who were removed in 2017 and 2018 as their activities started to become public.

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