Sunday Talks, Shannon Bream -vs- Jim Jordan

Posted originally on the CTH on January 8, 2023 

Fox News Host Shannon Bream, one of the true Machiavellian conscripts, is given the responsibility to maintain the great pretending on behalf of the Republican chattering class.   One of the key tactics of the professional pretenders is to ¹frame constant opposition narratives as questions.

To reply, Representative Jim Jordan is responsible for dispatching the pretending narrative delivered by Bream and hitting back with the reality hammer.

¹This is why I do not watch Fox News puppets much.   Their production group is a functional set of background puppeteers.  This is also why Fox News host Tucker Carlson produces and directs his own show from outside the system, just like Lou Dobbs used to.  Tucker Carlson Tonight is essentially a podcast distributed by broadcast media.

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