The Great “Nihilistic” Gaslighting of the Professionally Republican Chattering Class

Posted originally on the CTH on January 8, 2023 | Sundance

Before going through some of the insufferable debates and positions amid the current political dynamic, something needs to be said, and we need to say it with the intent of stopping this insufferable pretending, breaking the cycle of battered conservatism and speaking bold truth.

The current chattering class of the professionally Republican have joined with the chattering class of the professional leftists and begun decrying the efforts of the 20 House Republicans as being ‘nihilistic’ in their efforts to reform the House rules and present pragmatic political defenses to the surge of destruction around us.

Nihilism” is essentially a political belief advocating for destruction of current political systems without discernible constructive goals.

This is the opposition argument toward what they perceive as the goal and objective of the 20 House Republicans who fought for a new rules package and against the appointment of Kevin McCarthy until such changes were implemented.

As the argument is made against the House 20 group, they were/are nihilistic against modern political norms with the end result being their desired destruction of our constitutional republic.  That’s the position of the professionally Republican.  Now let me add some context to this ridiculous and insufferable gaslighting, because that’s exactly what this narrative is.

The same people claiming the House Republicans are nihilistic in their goals, are the same UniParty members in politics and media who have put us $32 trillion into debt.  They’re the same UniParty that has created a crisis at the border, millions of illegal aliens, massive omnibus spending leading to rampant inflation, ridiculous energy policy wrapped around the false premise of climate change and yet provide $100 billion to a foreign country, Ukraine.  In essence, a great UniParty effort that is destroying the very fabric of our nation.

Who is the nihilist in this scenario?

The Uniparty group who has spent us into a downward spiral of chaos and debt, created massive inflation and created a cultural collapse, OR the group trying to slam their foot on the brakes to keep us from going over the cliff into the abyss?

There has not been a budget passed under ordinary budgetary rules since September 2007, when the budget for fiscal year 2008 was signed into law.   The House of Representatives, responsible for the origination of all budgets and spending, has completely abandoned the main mission and purpose of the body.  All spending since 2009 has been a continuation of Omnibus spending packages and continuing resolutions using baseline budgeting… whereby all prior expenditures are baked into the spending and spent again…. over, and over, and over, and over.

Professional Republicans are killing us, albeit perhaps at a slightly slower rate than the professionally Democrat. And into this foray comes a pragmatic group of 20 House Republicans who are trying to stop this insane DC political quest that leads to our destruction.  Yet, the group of abusers, intent on a one-way mission that leads to ultimate chaos, are now lashing out furiously against those trying to stop the madness.  This my friends, is “gaslighting” in action.

Those whose intent and purpose is based on a need to operate in the land of pretending and deception will always find an audience willing to be deceived.  However, WE ARE NOT THAT AUDIENCE!

More to follow…

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