Beyond Weird – Senator John Fetterman Wife and Kids Fled Country After His Hospitalization

Posted originally on the CTH on February 25, 2023 

At first, I thought this story was fake.  Then I thought it was likely just a misinterpretation of events.  However, I was curious enough to just go look for myself, because there are quite a few people noticing it now.   Indeed, the initial reports were not wrong.

The background story of how Senator John Fetterman’s wife reacted to the news of her husband’s hospitalization for clinical depression is just weird.

Apparently, Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman’s family did not go to Washington DC with him. {h/t Gateway Pundit}  Considering Mr. Fetterman was recovering from a stroke, the worst possible scenario would be stress and unfamiliar surroundings.  The resulting hospitalization for clinical depression then takes on new context.

I take the approach never to judge personal life, because you just don’t ever know what is going on deeply inside the lives of others.  However, things are really odd about the way Gisele Fetterman responded to the news of her husband’s hospitalization.  She grabbed the passports, packed up the kids and headed to Canada.  Huh?

Even more weird, Mrs. Fetterman outlines her reaction on her own social media accounts [SOURCE].


Because always “having passports ready just in case you need to run away” when your husband is hospitalized, is something everyone can just relate to… or something.

This is odd.  Like, “hey mom, CNN just said dad’s in the hospital… can we go ziplining” level odd.

I’m trying to be gracious and sensitive with this story… but, considering this is a U.S. Senator who ultimately has impact on the way votes take place that influence the lives of every single American… I mean, against that backdrop… What the heck?

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