Video – Erin Brockovich Speech to Residents of East Palestine, Ohio

Posted originally on the CTH on February 25, 2023 | Sundance 

One of the most well-known people who faced down big chemical corporations and won, is activist Erin Brockovich.  Yesterday she traveled to East Palestine, Ohio, to meet and discuss the issues of the 2/3/23 chemical spill with residents at a Town Hall meeting. {Direct Rumble Link}

Ms. Brockovich delivered a message to the audience about relying on their instincts, seeing the issues as they are and not as the officials would present them to be.  Brockovich’s words are grounded in a different type of advice, the advice of trusting the natural God given gifts of discernment that we carry.  She’s right, and it is very unusual to see a high-profile person emphasize this aspect.  WATCH:

Mrs. Eric Brockovich essentially says, ignore “trust us”, and instead “trust yourselves.” That’s quite an empowering message being delivered to the community of East Palestine, Ohio.

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