Laura Ingraham Interviews Presidential Candidate After Spending Weekend Retreat With Him, and Never Mentions It…

Posted originally on the CTH on March 2, 2023 | Sundance 

According to Jacksonville 4 News Governor Ron DeSantis spent last weekend “huddled behind closed doors at a south Florida luxury hotel for a “Freedom Blueprint” retreat with more than 100 donors, elected officials and conservative influencers.”  According to the report from those present, “Laura Ingraham hosted a fireside chat with DeSantis on Sunday.” 

You would think this ongoing network and relationship would need a mention, perhaps even a disclaimer, if the Fox News pundit was going to follow up with additional promotion of the same candidate.  Alas, as more people become familiar with the tactics of the professionally Republican, what ends up being highlighted is the transparent effort to manipulate the viewer.  WATCH:

Factually, I’m tired of the lies and manipulations.  It is difficult not to loathe these creatures now.

Ms Ingraham continues her hypocritical false front as a conservative. {GO DEEP} This weekend the multinational lobbying group Club for Growth, headed by David McIntosh, are assembling a strategy session with big Wall Street donors to organize the multi-candidate roadmap for Ron DeSantis.

(Via CBS) – A GOP source familiar with the closed-door donor retreat by the conservative Club for Growth confirmed to CBS News that the group is hosting a closed-press donor retreat for 2024 hopefuls during the same time as CPAC this week. 

Club for Growth’s annual retreat will be held at the opulent Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, just three miles from former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club. However, Club for Growth, which has been public about looking to move the GOP past Trump, did not invite the former president to the retreat. 

Trump posted on Truth Social on Tuesday morning about Club for Growth, derisively  calling them “Club for NO Growth,” and saying the group “is an insignificant group of Globalists who I have beaten badly because of their anti America First views. They will only get the ‘stragglers.’” 

Trump, meanwhile, will be headlining CPAC, which will be holding its annual conference in Maryland the same weekend. 

[…]  DeSantis and Pence declined invites to CPAC. Haley and Ramaswamy are the only two declared presidential candidates who are attending both CPAC and CFG events. Representatives of Scott had been discussing his attendance at CPAC with event organizers but as of Tuesday morning, Scott does not plan on attending the annual Republican cattle call.

Some GOP operatives associated with the non-Trump political operations have told CBS News that CPAC has become too closely associated with Trump and his campaign, and not worth attending, especially with the annual straw poll likely going to Trump. (read more)

The more DeSantis speaks, the smaller in worm stature he becomes…

People are catching on.  People are really catching on.

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