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Posted originally on the CTH on April 5, 2023 | Sundance

I’ve never reached out to anyone in the orbit of Donald Trump, and I do not consider myself of any importance to do so. However, if I could send one message it would be this….

[Image Credit, Joshua Youngbluth]

We need a big picture focus right now. Do not be distracted by the smallness of men and their constructs.

The landscape of our national challenge is in a much bigger focus. Connect to the sense surrounding the instability that everyone, even globally, feels amid their lives.

Give direction, context and understanding to that sense, then connect directly to it.

Expand and elevate beyond the schemes, frauds and manipulations.

Lead that level of victory. The rest will follow.

Which brings me to another point….

The number one question people ask is a variation on ‘what can we do?’ 

It is a natural and logical question, from an audience that: (1) understands the scope of the challenge at hand; and (2) wants to engage in tangible action to solve the problem.

However, keep in mind YOU are in the rare space of an intellectual discernment in the top tier knowledge base.

Having spent several weeks in prayer over this very specific question, let me reframe the dynamic in a way I feel compelled -by outcome of that prayer- to answer.

Put your thoughts into the form of a vessel, willing to deliver in just about any way possible.  What do you want me to do?

Now, let me outline context for this question.

Beyond the keystrokes, I have traveled in this journey. I have been into the heart of the beast several times. I have researched, investigated, discussed, questioned, dug into and reviewed just about every possible angle of our current state of government at issue.  I have written about those discoveries, some open – some oblique, in a myriad of articles explaining the dynamic as it presents; not as we wish it exists, but in the raw reality of the issue as it manifests & sits afore us.

As an outcome of this journey, I have been investigated, threatened, questioned, subpoenaed and brought before tribunals for inquisition as to the substantive claims of my affirmations.

What I have learned is a simple but powerful truism; the truth of the thing is a defense to every attack against the messenger of the thing.

Those who retain lies and deceptions as a matter of policy, institutional structure or motive, want nothing to do with these simple calloused hands with genuine questions and a research library filled with citations, evidence and supportive documentation, dragged out from within the silos they attempt to hide.

Believe me, there are very few good people in/around our body politic that want anything to do with the truth and evidence of the corruption within it.

In my experience, when you lay naked evidence of the wretchedness and corruption, even the honorable people amid the various institutions recoil in fear of it.  How does that recoil manifest?  They quit.  Straight up true.  They quit.

I have witnessed multiple people in tenured positions of power and influence  just up and quit their position once they realize the sunlight is visible not only to me, but to everyone else who might choose to do the investigative legwork.

Simultaneous to this aversion, media constructs -and I do mean all of them- who operate a business model dependent on discussing the corruption, have no interest in actually outlining the scale and apolitical nature of the corruption, let alone participate in the solving of it.

If media were to get to the root of the issue, then outline it and pour sunlight upon it, they would have exhausted their stash upon which they build the very foundation of their business model.

Considering the aforementioned experiences, when Mike Lindell smiles and says, “I wish they would sue me or indict me”, I totally relate to why he feels that way.

The opposition is weak, filled with fraud and their constructs are easily dismissed; better yet, when attacked they collapse.  That’s why you never see the professional republicans attacking those constructs.

As long as the corrupt pretenses are retained, there is always something to rail against.  This is the business model of DC’s congressional representation.

Two wings of the same vulture. The RNC wants money. The DNC wants power. The RNC uses power to get money. The DNC uses money to get power. The donor activity of the RNC drives their ideology. The ideology of the DNC drives their donor activity. This is the essential difference in the business models of both wings.

Our national politics is only one aspect to the dynamic of the systems that seem to surround us.  Those pretenses are in place, specifically to give us a place to focus our attention as the puppets dance.   Take away the money and the music stops.  The money behind the Potemkin stage is what drives the script of the pantomime we watch.

So here’s the question in context.  Given the nature of the increased attack against the one entity who I feel well inclined to believe is the only non-participating entity in this performance, namely Donald J. Trump, I have situated myself to do just about anything in support of removing or exposing the fraud.  What would you have me do?

I offer myself to you as a vessel, ready willing and able to do just about anything that would ultimately change the dynamic of the issues that surround us.  I can travel, meet, discuss, deliver, challenge, confront and present just about anything to anyone.  Their sh!t doesn’t scare me.

Additionally, I have just enough contacts, albeit with some effort and markers called, to reach into just about any system or institution and get positioned at the heart of the matter.  And I stand ready willing and able to take you with me and outline the journey in almost real time as it takes place, with good, bad or indifferent results presented with brutal honesty.

From your perspective, what, where, when, and to whom would this effort be best deployed?

Let me know your suggestions and advice.  Upvote each idea in the comments section as you find merit to the proposition.

We all know the goals; perhaps I know the enemy encampments better than most, and perhaps I carry a totally different arsenal.

You are in the top intellectual class of everyone. You operate cognitively in the rarefied air of wisdom, intellect, discernment and logic that few can fathom. You are smart, brilliant, loyal, insightful, patriotic and you love this country.  We are the furnace; they are the gnats.  It is important for you to feel that power in your bones.  Weaponize me…

I will review every response and ultimately, I will quite literally take the action anticipated to deliver the best possible outcome.

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